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Saul Dominguez

Communication & Scholarship Coordinator
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Are you a member of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference?

Are you currently attending or would like to attend a boarding school, college or university?

We offer our constituents two scholarship opportunities meant to provide additional financial assistance for all applicants who would like to attend an accredited Adventist boarding academy or a college/university of their choice. The information below will outline both scholarships, application process and deadlines.

boarding school scholarship

Philosophy behind the scholarship

The Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists no longer owns or operates a boarding academy. However, it is the determined wish of the conference and its constituents to continue providing an Adventist education for the secondary youth of the conference who do not live in close proximity to an academy.

The scholarship was designed to assist families with a portion of the funding needed since students are required to travel to other states to attend school.

who is eligible?

All grade 9 through 12 applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Parent(s) must be a member of a Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists church.

2. Parent(s) must be a resident of the state of Kansas or Nebraska.

3. Applicants must live 35 miles or more from a Conference-operated junior or senior academy.

4. Applicants must apply to a school owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

what requirements do students need to meet?

Student must be applying to a Seventh-day Adventist denominationally accredited boarding academy

Student must be willing to participate in work and community service opportunities. Any payment for work must be applied to the school bill.

During the school year, the student must maintain a passing grade in attendance and his/her classes.

deadline for 2023 school year - june 30

apply soon

Woody scholarship

The Woody Scholarship was established to assist high school graduates in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference who want to attend accredited institutions of post-secondary education. All applicants must to meet the following criteria to be eligible for a scholarship.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Maintain a grade point average of at least a C+ (2.33)
  • Maintain part-time employment to defray education and living expenses
  • Provide evidence of a high moral character and good citizenship

important info

You must have a digital copy of your last semester's grades that also show GPA. You will not be able to complete the online application without it.

If you did not apply last year, you will need to submit 3 recommendation letters from non-family members to the email below after you apply.


deadline for 2023 school year - june 30