Women's Ministries


Our Department seeks to nurture and empower women by sponsoring spiritual retreats, and providing leadership training and resources to equip ladies for service!

Helpful Ministry Tools...

There are so many ways that women can make a difference in their communities! We challenge ladies to reach out to their communities by encouraging them to organize local church programs such as: 

*"God in Shoes Ministry" which ministers to the felt needs of local communities,

to begin *Women's Bible Study groups, 


to start a *"Heart Call" program in their churches as a way to facilitate

a comfortable re-entrance back to church for ladies who are taking a break from their church fellowship,

*"Women to Women" programs at their local churches

which provide a comfortable setting for ladies in their communities to come and join them for a meal, an inspirational message and some other special feature of interest.

Women's Ministries events such as these build positive connections between churches and their local community members allowing ladies to make friendships for eternity.

For more details regarding these programs and others, click on "Helpful Ministry Tools" on the right side bar of this page. There are women in our communities who need to feel the healing, loving touch of Jesus!



Our KS-NE Conference Women's Retreat,

Young Women's Retreat,

Hispanic Women's Retreat,

and Parenting Solo Retreat

are all designed to provide inspiration, fellowship and resources to equip ladies for positive service in their homes, churches and communities. These retreats are wonderful places to invite friends who are not connected with the Adventist church for them to get a glimpse of who Adventists are and create a desire in them to want to know more! 


Camp Meeting Women's Ministries Leadership Training Seminars...

The 1st Sabbath in June is the date of the KS-NE Conference Camp Meeting held at the College View SDA Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Women's Ministries Seminars are held Thursday and Friday prior to that weekend. 


Cutting Edge Friday E-Newsletter...                                                                      
If the ladies in your churches are doing ministry programs, we would love to hear about what's happening! Please send a brief description of your event or project with pictures to Ron Carlson, president of the KS-NE Conference at rcarlson@ks-ne.org to be posted in the Cutting Edge Friday E-Newsletter. We will also post your events and pictures on this page as well for others to be inspired to reach out to their communities in similar ways.  
We hope you will find encouragement and ideas here that will enable you to make a difference in your local homes, churches, and communities.



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