Staff Recognition



Staff going to the Camporee with 10 years of Service or more in Youth Ministries are invited to register to receive a FREE Certificate of recognition for their Years of Service. This applies to any Pathfinder, Adventurer, AY, or Master Guide staff.

We are partnering with AdventSource, the General Conference, the North American Division, the Center for Online Evangelism, and the Pathfinder Museum to provide each qualified staff member* a specially designed certificate honoring their Years of Service.

*Must be at the Chosen International Camporee and have 10 years or more of Youth Ministry Service.

Each certificate will be signed by:

    •           Andres Peralta:
    •    Armando Miranda:
    •         Ron Whitehead:
    • Arnold & Dixie Plata:
    • Andres Peralta:
    • Armando Miranda:
    • Ron Whitehead:
    • Arnold & Dixie Plata:




If the form is still available it will be found by clicking the button below:

Click Here for the Staff Recognition Form

Thank you for being involved in Youth Ministry.

Certificates will be given out by Tim Floyd or Lonny Nelson at Camporee.