Coming for the 2021-2022 Club Season,  we are implementing the new NAD's Youth Ministries Management System (YMMS). 

YMMS will become mandatory for the 2022-2023 Club Season.

Club Benefits:

  • Class, Award, & Honor tracking
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Maintain an online club calendar
  • Register for Conference events
  • Youth profiles move with Youth

  • You are welcome to take a peek under the hood!

  • We are still setting stuff up and not everything is ready.

Club Directors and Club Secretaries

Steps to Complete for Registration:

  1. Complete the Adventist Screening Verification (Training and Background Check)

  2. Make sure ALL your staff are properly background checked through Adventist Screening Verification

  3. Pre-plan your club year (meetings/events/special Sabbath programs) and get dates church board approved

  4. Hold Club registration and have parents fill out these registration forms (You will need this information on hand before registering them on YMMS – FORMS STAY WITH CLUB FILES)

YMMS Helps Coming Soon:

Help Using the Youth Ministries Management System (YMMS)

  • Add new Club Members

  • Reactivate or Deactivate Club Members

  • Placing Club Members into Class Levels 

  • Removing a Club Member Class Level Placement   

  • View your Class Level Rosters 

  • Add Events to your Calendar

  • Register for Events

  • Video Tutorials

Steps for a Successful Club with YMMS:

  1. Pre-plan your club year (meetings/events/special Sabbath programs) and get all your meeting and outing dates approved (voted and recorded in the minutes) by your church board.

  2. A new club (Pathfinder or Adventurer) needs to fill out the Charter Application
  3. The club Director needs to Complete the Adventist Screening Verification training and background check

    • Retrieve the completion date of your background check (click here for a sample)

    • *Note Exactly how your name is written.

    • *Note the Exact birth date.

  4. In the YMMS, request your personal account (every year) be activated at

    • Wait for the Conference Youth Department to approve your request (5-7 business days).

  5.  Make sure ALL your staff is properly completes background checks and training through Adventist Screening Verification

  6. Ask your Staff to print out a copy of their completed report showing the "Date" they were marked "Eligible"

    • *N​​​​​ote Exactly how their name is written.

    • *Note their Exact birth date.

      * The exact date of birth and the exact name of each staff member MUST match with what is is Adventist Screening Verification when adding staff into YMMS or the person will not be cleared to attend any Conference Events.

  7. Hold Club registration and have parents fill out the registration forms.

    1. You will need the information from the forms on hand to add into the YMMS.

    2. File and maintain the paper copies of the forms for your club records.

  8. Purchase curriculum materials from the AdventSource store: