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The purpose of our department is to support the local church in leading young people to an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging them as they grow in their relationship with Him and provide opportunities for our youth to live and share their faith.

The most effective ministry to our youth occurs in the local church, however, there are several ministries that are operated by our department to help accomplish this purpose as well.  Summer camps for kids ages 7-17 are provided at Broken Arrow Ranch near Manhattan, KS.  Pathfinders is a ministry that teaches nature, outdoor skills, Bible learning and much more to kids in 5th thru 10th grade. Adventurers is a ministry of family activities for Pre-K thru 4th grade.


Resources for these challenging times:

Germs are bad, please don't touch your face 16x an hour


Wash your hands, do it now. 


Resources for understanding the virus and how to stay healthy

Youth & Young Adult Resources

Club Ministry Resources

  • NAD Pathfinder Resources - Mondays: Mark OFfill - honors that can be done at home; Tuesdays: Gene Clapp - Bible study & PBE; Wednesdays: Glen Milam - club staff; Thursdays: Dan Whitlow - Investiture Achievement Curriculum; and Fridays: Pastor Tracy Wood - TLT ministry.
  • NAD Adventurer Resources - Posting daily tips/ideas for families to do with their kids.  Some of the information includes instruction on specific awards (earn a patch at home) as well as curriculum (complete Adventurer investiture requirements at home).  Directors can pass this information on to their club members to both give families ideas for things to do at home in addition to keeping in touch with club members during quarantine.  Families can text pictures back to their club director if they want activities to count toward patches or class pin requirements; otherwise they can do them just for fun to keep busy.
  • Quizlet Honors - Stuck at home? Still wanna earn or teach an honor? Honors Taskforce Chair Mark O'Ffill shares a brief tutorial on how to use Quizlet to stay connected AND earning honors!
  • PBE - Gene Clapp, PBE Coordinator brings news, learning tips, and other info about NAD PBE in this weekly Tuesday episode! 
  • CYE's Youtube channel offers The David and Daniel Bible stories, full evening programs from the 2019 and 2014 International Camporees. Subtitles in English and Spanish are available. After watching the 2014 Forever Faithful programs, be sure to watch our documentary length film 'The Making of Daniel.' There's also a bloopers video.
  • Things for Pathfinders to do at home! - I mean, that title says it all.
  • Club Director /TLT Associate Dir Training - Why not take advantage of free time to get some training as a leader? This course is intended to be a self-study course for the purpose of equipping the local Pathfinder club leaders in the fundamental aspects of operating a successful TLT ministry. The learning experience will be helpful for all club staff who desire to transition their Pathfinder ministry into a Leadership Skills Development Program for their teens.
  • Basic Staff Training - Why not take advantage of free time to get some training as a leader? The purpose of this course is to provide online training for all new Pathfinder staff and those thinking of working with Pathfinders. This certification is intended to provide basic information about the purpose, structure and ministry of Pathfinders to individuals who are just starting out in Pathfinder ministry and have little or no prior experience with the program. It is highly recommended that this certification is earned before they begin their participation in Pathfinder ministry, although not required.


Miscellaneous Resources

  •  Understanding Fear - TED Talk by Karen Thompson on the story of fear and how to overcome it.
  • What you're feeling is Grief - We’re feeling a number of different griefs. We feel the world has changed, and it has. We know this is temporary, but it doesn’t feel that way, and we realize things will be different.The loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection. This is hitting us and we’re grieving. Collectively. We are not used to this kind of collective grief in the air.
  • How to handle Anxiety - Anxiety is a monster. It can cripple you or make you act in ways that you would never otherwise act. It causes you to believe the most incredible of lies, and can even keep you from the things you care about the most. This article helps keep us focused.
  • Musical Distraction 1 - Jon Foreman sings some tunes
  • Musical Distraction 2 - "The Worship Song Song" by Random Action Verb Worship
  • Time is precious- Don't waste it!

  • Service in a virtual world - 31 Small, Nice Things To Do for Others During an Epidemic.

  • Naming - Naming is a part of recovery. Naming loss helps us be honest about grief. Naming loss keeps us from minimizing or silver-lining. Naming gratitude prevents us from drowning in sorrow. How are you acknowledging losses and recognizing gratitude as you model behaviors to your young people through this season?

  • Tips for dealing with Isolation - Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, that's about as isolated as it comes. He offers some great advice on how to maintain your sanity when your normal social group isn't available.

  • Anti-Anxiety Challenge - Are you stuck in a lock-down? This 21 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge is meant as an uplifting resource to help you, or someone you know, during these uncertain times. Stress lowers our immune response, which is exactly the opposite of what you want right now.

  • Inspiration from pandemics in Roman History - Not only did the Roman government and leaders persecute the Christians, they were also quick to flee the scene when the pandemics hit. In an ironic twist, it was the Christians who stayed back to care not just for each other, but for unbelievers too.

  • Opportunities - We have a tremendous opportunity in this time. The need is great. Instead of looking only to ourselves and our family, let us reach out and serve others.

  • Printable Van Gogh Coloring Pages - Have some fun with free coloring pages of famous Van Gogh masterpieces. Simply download and print, and get straight to work. Want more? Create a diorama! #SanitySavers
  • Free happiness course! - As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in Yale University's mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through Coursera.



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