The Covid Crisis


Tips for feeling happy and hopeful during this time of quarantine! 

Anxiety is at an all-time high. Whether you or someone you know is struggling, there is help and hope! It is incredibly important to stay CONNECTED during this time of isolation. Make sure you talk to someone every day. If you can FaceTime or Zoom, even better. It’s also helpful to keep a journal so that your thoughts and feelings have a place to go. Other healthy diversions like coloring, reading, listening to music can bring comfort. Make sure you’re getting some fresh air and exercise—they are KEY in combating anxiety and depression.

Young women are home from school and looking for answers to difficult questions online! Gorgeous2god is a SAFE place where they will be listened to and answered by a trained mentor:

Even though we are inside, let's continue to connect with others by sending cardsvirtual small group book clubs, cooking classes or Bible study through Zoom or FaceTime and calling members who had stopped attending church to ask how they’re doing. If you know someone who lives alone or is an introvert, make sure to connect with them weekly. It is also a great time to foster or adopt a pet! They are great companions!

Abuse victims are at higher risk of physical danger during times of crisis/increased stress, which would certainly include the present. First, PRAY…for safety and the safety of your children. You can find excellent resources and videos at, and

Here are some links to resources you may find helpful! (director of services by zip code) (directory of counselors)