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Surprised by Love

By Elizabeth Talbot

In addition to the Study Guide and two-volume DVD set, the Leaders' Kit also includes a leader's guide. The leader's guide offers success tips for small group leaders with supplementary materials for each lesson.

From Genesis to Revelation, Elizabeth Talbot beautifully unfolds the plan of redemption. Each lesson digs deep into the Word of God and teaches not only about God’s surprising love, but about His surprising faithfulness, about His surprising grace, and much, much more. 

In Surprised by Love, the second in the Journey of Joy DVD Bible study series for women, you will discover that Jesus loves you unconditionally with an everlasting love that never lets you go. 

Each Bible study contains sections to help you personally encounter the beauty of God’s surprising love for you, such as Reading the Word, Seeking through Study, Integrating the Message, Learning from Life, Considering the Narrative, Understanding the Scripture, and Responding in Gratitude.

The lessons are designed to be especially effective when used in conjunction with a small group Bible study. There’s almost no better way to combine fellowship with other believers and growing in Christ than to be part of a small group. 

But no matter how you choose to use this series—as part of a small group or during your private devotional time—you will be blessed beyond measure, and surprised and amazed by God’s love for you. 



Journey of Joy Leader's Kit

Journey of Joy

By Carla Gober Parks

Are you still on the path, or have you fallen off the cliff?

Is your life's journey a joy or a jumble of dead ends and broken dreams? Does it seem that you can never get it together?

Let Carla Gober guide you on your personal journey in this series of DVD Bible studies. A theologian, university professor, counselor, and sought-after speaker Carla explore the tangle of emotions that women often experience as they juggle home and church, children and parents, career and relationships.

Carla's insights will captivate you and your study group as she illustrates how the Bible holds answers to the issues that perplex 21st Century women. As you watch the presentations, familiar stories will surprise and challenge you, and your heart will overflow with newfound understanding of the One who loves yo more than you can imagine.

Discover the difference between joy and happiness, and how you can experience joy eve during life's darkest moments. Examine the connection between a woman's emotions and her spirituality. Uncover new ways to study Scripture. Experience laughter and tears through learning techniques such as drawing, journaling and role-playing. And most importantly, revel in the Lord's blessing on your Journey of Joy.

  • Leader's Kit includes 11 video sessions on two DVDs, a Leader's Guide and one participant's Study Guide book
  • Leader's Guide offers success tips for small groups with outlines and supporting material for Bible studies.
  • Study guide is the detailed support book for small group or individual study corresponding to the DVD presentations
  • DVDs contain an introduction lesson and 10 video presentations filmed before a studio audience.




Bible Studies for Busy Women

Bible Studies for Busy Women


By Ardis StenbakkenCarole Ferch-Johnson

ISBN: 4333002373 | Pacific Press Publishing Association | Copyright 2000

Bible Studies with a woman's touch!

This series of 14 Bible studies is designed to encourage and nurture the Adventist woman and those who want to know more about the Christian way of life. For individual or small group Bible study, these guides explore themes of salvation, prayer, spiritual growth, relationships, self worth, integrity, managing emotions, coping with worry, mentoring, and more. Included are fellowship activities, topic-specific prayer activities, and guidelines to help you get a small group started and keep it running smoothly.






Women in the Bible and Me


Women in the Bible…AND ME


Women are important to God. As one studies the Scriptures, it is amazing to discover how many stories of important women God has included in His book. God makes it clear that women are important to Him.

It is good to know that other women—the women of the Bible—have walked before us. How wonderful to know these women have left us sure guidelines, practical instruction, wise principles, comfort, and hope. The women featured in these Bible studies will help you face your trials, knowing you are not alone.

Studying the lives of these noteworthy women, you will learn that God has called women to play a significant role in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will understand that each woman today is invited to fulfill God’s call to be a blessing—in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will learn from their mistakes, their successes, and their challenges. You will discover that God’s blessings are heaped upon the woman who trusts in the Lord.

Through the stories of these women of the Bible, God has a message for a woman like you. We pray that this study will help you to know the great value He places on you. May you trust His calling and follow in faith.






Thirty Bible Lessons & Answer Key - Downloadable
*Written by Karen Lewis - Adventist Pastor in Minnesota



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