Local Church Women's Ministries happenings

MOPS / MOMSnext - Chapel Oaks


"The Chapel Oaks MOPS/MOMSnext group had its last face to face meeting on March 10," shares Reba Lucky. "But we have continued to have a steady number of uplifting and fun posts on our Facebook page. The final 'meeting' of the year was a full day virtual event


with something taking place each hour on April 28. Then on Mother’s Day all the moms received a box, delivered to their door that contained some special treats and supplies to make a craft. The virtual craft night was on May 12 on Zoom. We chatted and then Amy Beasley demonstrated how to attach the frame to our beautiful poster. Thank you Amy, Esther Shaw & the entire MOPS/MOMSnext team for an incredible year," says Reba.


Mother's Day - Piedmont Park

“Piedmont Park didn’t want Mother’s Day to go unrecognized this year even though we are not meeting in person at the church building,” shares Vanessa Schaecher. “In addition to a special poem shared by Pastor Michael and Pastor Katelyn during the Sabbath morning online worship service, our Women’s Ministries team created a special way to honor our mothers and women with a mother’s heart. Women’s Ministries Coordinator Carol Leonhardt shares how Piedmont Park celebrated


this special occasion: ‘Women's Ministries volunteers made 270 Mother's Day gift bookmark clips with this verse from Psalm 46:1 "God is our place of safety. He gives us strength. He is always there to help us in times of trouble."  (NIRB) Most of the gifts


were made back in late February. Because of social distancing and COVID-19, we were concerned about how to distribute the gifts in a safe manner. Our head deacon suggested bagging each gift in a small paper bag and stapling it shut so that those picking up gifts would only touch the number of bags they needed and not be tempted to look through the selection and handle multiple items. It turned out to be a great idea. We announced for members to come by from 2-4pm last Sabbath and pick up some gifts for family and friends from tables set up outside the church entrance. 130 gifts were picked up and an additional 30 went to a women's shelter plus 20 were mailed to shut-ins. Others were donated to a women's treatment facility. One member delivered some to two neighbors and shared how that led to meaningful spiritual conversations with them. One of the women said she still had last year's gift up on her refrigerator. We were able to send blessings safely and praise God for that.”


Food, Fun & Fellowship at New Haven

New Haven has started a social ministry for the women of the church called, “NH Women’s Brunch,” says Karen Furst. “Our first brunch was at Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro in Overland Park, KS and we had 27 women attend! The brunch began with a short worship and prayer to set the mood. Then it was on to eating and visiting with one another, welcoming young and old, renewing old friendships and forging new ones. We plan on having the brunches for our ladies on the 3rd Sunday of each month with a different location around the Kansas City area, just to keep things spicy. Women getting together for good food and great company has hit the spot at New Haven,” says Karen.



Fort Scott Church serving their community with "Bags of Love" program

It's My Very Own "Bags of Love". When children are removed from their home under circumstances out of their control, they often don't get to take any of their own belongings. So comforters & bags are sewn with loving hands & caring hearts to give to each child from Newborn to 18 years of age. Depending on the age & gender of the child the bags are filled with appropriate body & hair care items, new toy, clothes, pj's, books, & a stuffed animal. The comforter is to comfort them (wrapped in love), bag is to be their suitcase, & stuffed animal is so they can hold it, talk to it, & it never tells any tales,” says Janet Tucker, Fort Scott SDA Church.


Wichita West Hispanic Church serving their community with God in Shoes program

Sunday, August 12, 2018, the Wichita West Hispanic Church had a God in Shoes community outreach," says Damaris Ortega. "People were very happy and said that they had never experienced such a wonderful program and some of them were very thankful and want to give donations to women's ministries so we can continue doing it. All of them visited the prayer station and we gave Bibles away and they were very interested in the programs of the church. They said, please invite us to your meetings. Lots of great testimonies. We are very Happy and blessed. Everything was great. We are planning another program in May," says Damaris. 



Chapel Oaks supporting moms / reaching community through MOPS/MOMSnext programs

"The Chapel Oaks MOPS/MOMSnext group has finished another successful year," says Reba Lucky. "MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers and MOMSnext is for mothers of school aged children and is a program to support mothers in the vital job of raising their precious children. Esther Shaw, our coordinator, recently reported that 62 moms have attended our meetings. 25 of these moms are community members who found our group online or were invited by a friend who attends. We start the evening with a delicious dinner, followed by a program and often a craft. Support comes in the form of friendship, providing meals following the birth of a baby, and socialization outside the meetings. Our theme this year was “Free Indeed” based on Luke 4:18-19. A highlight of the year is our Spa-La-La night when the Mentor Moms pamper our ladies with a delightful spa experience. There will be activities during the summer because the moms do not want to wait until September to get together again!!" says Reba.