Apples 4 the Teacher This site includes interactive learning activities, quizzes, and worksheet generator tools
FormSwift Science Lesson Plan Create Science lesson plans in less than 5 minutes
FOSSWeb The official site of inquiry-based FOSS (FULL OPTION SCIENCE SYSTEM) science curriculum. A place for support, resources, and fun activities
Khan Academy Amazing Math and Science videos. Best on the Web! (K - 12)
Learning Science A free and open community for sharing newer and emerging tools to teach science
NASA for Educators Space & Aeronautic resources (K - 12)
NSTA A website designed by science teachers where they provide free science resources such as PDFs, freebies, news, activities, and  more
NSDL The National Science Digital Library (K - 12)
PBS Learning Media A resource for tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more
Science Fair Central A great science resource from Discovery Education and it offers free links, interactives, presentations, projects and many more
Science Printables Many science printables that teachers and students can have free access to Science lessons from kindergarten through high school
Teaching Channel A video showcase, on the Internet and TV, of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools (K-12)
Universcale A visual representation of size. Start out beyond the limits of the universe and move by powers of ten to the very small. This is a fun site to explore