Sabbath at Home

Sabbath at home?

Here are some ideas to help you...

Bible Study Lessons

Virtual Sabbath School Options...


GraceLink Primary Sabbath School Class for April 25, 2020 by Rich Aguilera... 


Our Little Friend, Primary Treasure & Guide Magazine Special Features!

In addition to their regularly hosted games and stories, will have the PDF of the weekly periodical for readers ages 6–9 and a PDF of Our Little Friend, the Adventist magazine for children birth to 5 years old.

Primarily for readers ages 10–14, is offering the PDF of the weekly magazine, plus printable games, and vlogs by the editors and columnists such as Rich Aguilera, the “Mud Guy.”

Fun interactive sermon note pages to use while listening to an online sermon together as a family.



Want to turn it into something extra special? Use these placemats as a springboard to great family discussions!    


Fun Sabbath Activities…

Painting Prayer Promises...

Write your favorite Bible Promise using a white crayon. (make sure you get a lot of wax on the paper as you write) Then use watercolor paints to color over the waxy verse to make them magically appear! Tip: Use a small amount of water when you dip into the paints for maximum color. Optional: Mount your verse to colored construction paper to make a nice border all around it. Have fun!

Readers' Theater Bible Scripts...

Readers Theater Kids' Scripts on a Variety of Bible Themes...Primary, Junior, Earliteen ages... 

These are ready-made skits kids can read aloud. Add some props to make it more fun!

Videos based on the Beginners Bible for kids 6 and under...


Free Bible Coloring Pages...


Science Questions Answered from the Bible's View...

Join Rich Aguilera as he answers your science questions in fun ways from the Bible’s standpoint.

Animal Antics...Family Fun Activity...

"Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones! Learn from their ways and become wise!" Proverbs 6:6



Animal Experts...

Assign each person in your family one or more of the following jobs:

  1. Choose an Animal.
  2. Find it in Scripture.
  3. Research 5-8 Fun Facts.
  4. Draw / Paint a picture of it in its habitat.
  5. Find a video about it on YouTube.
  6. Create a game about this animal.
  7. Design a craft around this animal.
  8. What spiritual lessons can you learn from this animal?    


Set up these 7 Creation Prayer Stations for a meaningful and interactive experience with prayer the whole family will enjoy.

HINT: Some of your older children may enjoy helping to set up the prayer stations for the family...

Station 1: Day One - Light

Prepare a darkened room. Have some throw pillows and cushions scattered on the floor. Place five different items around the room. Put blindfolds on each child before they enter the space. Then ask them, "What can you see?" The children will likely respond that they can see only darkness.


Now take off the blindfolds. Say, "The first thing God created was light. What are the five things that you see around this space? These things were there when you were blindfolded, but you couldn't see them without the light!"

Jesus said He is the Light of the world, a Light that would help people to see God. By reflecting Jesus, we may be able to shed light and help others to see God. As Jesus said: "You are the light of the world." (Matthew 15:14) Do you want to help others to see God? Help your child light a candle if they need help. In pairs, pray that you will be the light of the world to help others see Jesus. Then leave the candle on the table and move to the next station.


Station 2: Day 2 - Sky

Prepare the room with balloons, clouds, and an electrical fan blowing "wind." Ahead of time, prepare some pieces of paper with fold lines that will help the children fold the paper into a boat shape. They will write their dreams for the future on this paper before folding it.


After He made the light, God made the sky. He did it so that we could have air to breathe. Take a deep breath. Breathe the air in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do it twice more. Can you feel your lungs filling and emptying? The air is one of those things that God created that is essential for life. Let's talk about dreams. What dreams do you have for the future? What do you think you will do with your life, when you get to be an adult? Write your dreams down on a piece of paper. (Help your preschoolers who need help with writing by writing for them as they tell you their dreams.) Then fold the paper into a boat shape. God loves you and has wonderful things in store for you. He will "steer" your boat of dreams along the waters of life. You can entrust your dreams to God. Pray to God about your dreams.


Station 3: Day 3 - Dry Land & Plants

Decorate the station with a variety of plants, fruit and vegetables. Put up pictures showing how the earth has areas of land and areas of water (aerial photos of the earth are good for this). Prepare some grapes (or other fruit) and cubes of bread for the children to eat. 


On the third day, God separated the water and the dry land and created the wonderful variety of plants we enjoy. Do you know the name of a tree, or a flower? And what about the names of some fruit and vegetables? Can you think of the names of some healthy seeds? Plants make the world beautiful and provide for our nutritional needs. Trees are not only beautiful to look at and shady to sit under, but they also provide food, clothes, and shelter. Plants even help to keep clean the air that we breathe! Eat a piece of bread and a few grapes, and while you are eating them, thank God for all these things. In front of you there is a plant that needs to be watered in order to grow. Pour a little water on the soil around the plant. Think about how God takes care of you just like you have taken care of the plant.


Station 4: Day 4 - Sun, Moon, & Stars

Decorate the space by hanging up a sun, moon, and stars. Have a pile of sand on a table or in a shallow tray. Place a page-a-month calendar (a birthday calendar) somewhere in the space in which the children can write their birthdays. 


Pick up a grain of sand. Hold it in the palm of your hand. See how small it is? Have you ever gazed at the stars in the night sky? They seem so far away! And on some nights, we see so many of them that we feel so small in our very small world - as small as this grain of sand. The universe in which we find ourselves is huge. There are millions and millions of stars, planets, and moons. Despite this, God knows everything about you. You are very special to Him and He loves you so much. Isn't that amazing? When is your birthday? Write your birthday in the calendar. Remember, you're pare of this world and so you are very special in God's eyes. He has a special plan for you! Pray silently by yourself and thank God for making you special to Him.


Station 5: Day 5 - Birds & Fish

Decorate the room with pictures of birds and fish, as well as real fish in a fish tank or bowl, if possible. Put up a few pictures of polluted oceans or streams, showing how this impacts the birds and fish. Prepare an ocean-themed poster entitled "I Pledge to Protect the Oceans". Have pens available which the children will use to sign their names on the poster. Have a bowl of stones available. 


On the fifth day, God began to populate the earth, filling the seas with fish, dolphins, whales and other sea creatures. He also created birds that fly in the sky. Fish and birds are wonderful, but unfortunately, instead of taking care of them, we humans have endangered them by polluting the environment in which they live. Many species today are endangered! We must work harder to protect and keep the world that God has created. Do you want to help? If you want to pledge to protect our oceans, sign your name on the "I Pledge to Protect the Oceans" poster. Add a stone to the pile that you see in front of you. It is a way of saying that you want to be a good friend at home, at school, and in your neighborhood. Pray in twos or threes asking God to help you care for His earth and all the creatures. 


Station 6: Day 6 - Animals & Man

Decorate the space with pictures of a variety of animals, as well as a variety of people - young, old, male, female, different races and nationalities. Provide a lump of clay for each child.



On day 6 God created the animals. What is your favorite animal? Do you have a dog, or a cat, or maybe a stuffed toy animal? After God created the animals, He made the most beautiful thing: people. He made humans in His image, so that they resembled Him. Look at the pictures of these people. They are so different from one another. On the outside, we may look different from each other, but we were all created and loved by God. We are all special in His eyes. Do you see this clay? Model the clay to make a human shape that looks like you. Place it on the table and see the shapes that others, like you, have made. Thank God He made you the way you are. Ask Him to help you love others and to understand how special they are in God's eyes. Leave your clay shape on the table so that other visitors to the station can see it. 


Station 7: Day 7 - REST

Decorate the room with comfortable pillows and soft lighting. Have peaceful gospel music playing in the background. Provide a stack of paper and pencils for the children to use to draw a picture. 



When God finished creating everything, He looked at what He had made and saw that it was very good! Then God rested on the seventh day. Get a pillow and get comfortable. As you rest, think about the things you have seen and done today. What impressed you the most? What have you learned about God during your journey today? Stay here for a while and speak with God about what you have done today. If you would like to, draw a picture or write a message on one of the sheets of paper that is provided. Then leave it there. We will put it in the big book that you will see as you leave the prayer stations area.