Kids' Worship Ideas


Children in a religious program

Kids' Worship Ideas for May 10-16, 2020

May 10: Matthew 5:45 People have done so much to hurt God's world, but He still sends us the sun and the rain. Thank Him for the weather today, whether it rains or shines!

May 11: Isaiah 43:2 Sometimes there are volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods in the world. Pray that God will protect and comfort the people who are suffering because of natural disasters.

May 12: Revelation 7:3 Ask God to forgive you for damaging or hurting something He has made. Ask Him what you can do to make it better.

May 13: Ezekiel 47:12 Think about some of the plants God created that help to heal people who are sick, and thank God for making those plants for us.

May 14: Luke 12:27 There are lots of things God created that can help us to understand more about His grace, forgiveness, and love. See how many your family can find on a nature walk today.

May 15: Jeremiah 29:5 Thank God for the gardeners who make your neighborhood or city a nicer place to live.

May 16: Psalm 95:4 Pray for the people who work in dangerous places to find natural resources for us, such as iron, coal, and oil.