Kids' Worship Ideas

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10 Days of Prayer - January 6-16, 2021













Kids' Worship Ideas for May 10-16, 2020

May 31: Ecclesiastes 11:7 The sun is amazing! It is just the right distance from the earth to keep us warm! Thank God for the sun that helps everything to grow and gives us light and warmth.

June 1: 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20 Your body is the special place where God's Holy Spirit lives! That's incredible! Ask God about the best way to take care of the body He's made for you.

June 2: Psalm 139:14 Even your fingernails have been handcrafted by God! Praise Him for a part of your body you've never praised Him for before!

June 3: Matthew 7:9-11 Thank God for making five healthy foods that you like to eat! Help make a meal with one of those foods today.

June 4: John 4:13-14 Drink a glass of water, and thank God for providing fresh, clear water to keep your body clean and healthy. 

June 5: Psalm 103:3 Praise God that He has the power to do miracles and heal all of our illnesses. Pray for someone who needs healing today.

June 6: James 1:17 God has given you everything you need for your whole life! That's amazing! Find a special way to say a great big Thank You to Him!