Sharing the True Meaning of Easter...


Hello Children’s Ministries Leaders!

I just read Luke 22 this morning for worship… How amazing to think of what happened that Easter weekend so long ago! Here are just a few ideas you could use to help the children in your churches reflect on the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for them.


Make some cards with pictures and sayings referring to Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. These could be given to neighbors, friends, nursing home residents or shut-ins. I’ve attached a sample picture and saying above showing a math problem and cross.



Make a simple cross with sticks, twine and price tag saying “paid.” These could be for the children to simply take home or once again to be given to family, friends and neighbors.



Create a scavenger hunt in your Sabbath School room or if it’s nice weather outside in your church lawn. Take some time after the hunt to allow children to read scriptures that go along with each of the items they found. Here’s a link to print out the Resurrection Scavenger Hunt. Just scroll towards the bottom of the page. http://homesweetroad.com/scavenger-hunt-ideas-easter/


We are all quite visual and having the children create the Garden with the Tomb while listening to you read the story of the week Jesus died in a modern child-friendly version of the Bible will help them picture the amazing events of that incredible weekend!



Here's a link to another way to depict the Garden Tomb.



Thanks for turning the eyes of the children you minister to, to Jesus. Thank you for helping them think about of what He did for us that amazing Easter weekend so long ago!


Kids are the best… Here is the Easter story told through the eyes of children! They may not have gotten all of the details correct, but “It’s a miracle how He put Himself in the world with other people and He shared His gift with them.” “We honor Easter because we want to love Him too!”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NWZ7bjNQXA



19 Free Easter Scripts... Easy Impromptu Skits to help you reflect on the amazing death, burial and resurrection of Jesus - Fun for Primary, Junior & Earliteen age appropriate

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Empty Tomb Rolls

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Sharpie Mug... Simple craft customizing a mug with permanent markers and baking in the oven...Write a scripture about the Easter weekend such as Matthew 28:6 "He isn't here! He has risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Decorate the edges with designs.  https://www.childmin.org/nad-craft-corner/2016/4/12/sharpie-mug-craft

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