Sabbath School Programs

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Children's Sabbath School Programs

I really appreciate the contributions of our faithful Children's Ministries leaders around the Kansas-Nebraska Conference who provide quality Christ-filled programming for the younger members of our churches! Here are some programs they have shared you may find helpful as you lead out in your local children's Sabbath Schools.

Beginner Programs...





Tips for Teaching  Multi-Level Groups...

I have a mix of songs and finger plays. I have found that older kids don't like finger plays! 


Another thing that I have done with my programs is to box the whole thing up, music cd, props, decorations, etc. and trade them with teachers at other churches that I know will take care of them. This can be a real money savor because churches in a district can each buy a program and then simply rotate the programs between the churches and enjoy all three programs (if it's a 3-church get the picture.) Sometimes I just give them my programs and let them provide their own props and decorations.  


I have been teaching the kids' classes for over 25 years now. If there is one single piece of advice for any teacher, regardless of what age you teach, how many kids you have, or what your budget or time frame is  ... always, always, always  have a plan B and C! 



Teresa Peckham

Gothenburg, Nebraska 

Multi-Level Programs... 


Names of Jesus Folders

Primary/Junior/Earliteen  - Ann Porter - Grand Island, Nebraska