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Multi-level Sabbath School ideas...

Shelly Bradley - Fort Scott Sabbath School


Ages toddler to 12...Shelly is doing a great job engaging the kids in a craft depicting Calvary the Sabbath before Easter! 


The children are learning the names of the books of the Bible in order. Each child has their paper chains showing the progress they have made!


Those little people wrapped in tissue were made the day they studied Lazarus! Keeping the kids' crafts displayed on the Sabbath School walls is a great and inexpensive way to decorate and keep the room cheery! 


Bee Kind trees made of buttons...simple, colorful and easy for all ages...


Bible story coloring pages... 

Here's a link to free Bible story coloring pages you can print...


Assisting with the Calvary depiction craft...


Cross craft from a previous week...


Fresh peeled apple slices were a welcome treat that Sabbath... Tasty, but not sugary to hype the kiddos up for church...


Here's the group with their creations...Great job! There was a toddler who couldn't quite stay still long enough for a group picture, but he did the craft with the help of the older girl in the picture!


The youngest of the group, but having a great time in Sabbath School because of helpful bigger children and patient, watchful adults!


Singing lively Sabbath School songs and marching around the chairs made everyone have a fun time in Sabbath School! There were lots of smiles and laughs!

Family Events...

Encouragement for families to return to church in person


Plan a Vacation Bible School Program 

Welcome to Cactusville, one of the most adventurous towns in the Southwest! Cactusville is a mining town tucked away in the desert where the sun is always shining, the skies are bright blue, and the peaks of the surrounding mountains look like broken spurs. Yee-haw!

Kids will experience a rip roarin’ good time while learning that they are CALLED by God. They are CALLED to be unconditionally loved and accepted, whoever they are. God’s CALLING includes a revelation of His unique purpose for each and every child. Each day your Buckaroos and Li’l Cowpokes will discover a special way in which God has CALLED them. They will learn how they can accept and live out this CALLING while enjoying Bible treasure-huntin’ Cactusville adventures!

  • Day 1: CALLED to be different
  • Day 2: CALLED to be faithful
  • Day 3: CALLED to forgive
  • Day 4: CALLED to serve
  • Day 5: CALLED to give


When your church uses the Cactusville VBS program you are eligible to borrow the large props from the KS-NE Conference for this program on a first-come first-serve basis. Here's a link to more about this program.

Be sure and register for the free VBS training in English April 15! Here's a link...

Be sure and register for the free VBS training in Spanish on April 22! Here's a link...


Children's Church

Plan a special service for the kids in another room where they have a program like VBS... Bible Stories, Character building stories, Crafts, Snacks, lively music... Parents can enjoy the church service while their kids enjoy their special program. Could be done once a month or every 6 weeks as volunteers are available.


Sabbath School or Sabbath Afternoon at the Zoo

Plan a special Sabbath to go to the zoo. Plan things to share with the children / parents about the animals you see that connect them to our amazing Creator God. Plan a picnic lunch to follow with time at the playground. Great for multi-level age groups. 


Serve Breakfast before Sabbath School & Parent-Talk Fellowship

Contact parents during the week and tell them you'd like them to come to a special Sabbath School brunch. While their kiddos are having their Bible story and nature feature they'll be a time for parents to connect with each other and fellowship. A small portion of a parenting book like, How to Really Love Your Child, by Dr. Ross Campbell can be read and discussed. 


Give Parents a Responsibility

Ask parents if they would be willing to help out with one portion of the Sabbath School...The Bible story, Nature feature, Music, Snack, Craft... When people take ownership they feel more engaged in the program.


Plan a Mid-Week Fellowship

Connect with the parents during the week for fun and fellowship. That connection will remind them of how much fun it was to see you and they'll be more likely to put the effort in to coming back to in-person church. 


Plan an After-Church Potluck followed by Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs

Lunch and the lure of the fun in Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs following potluck will motivate kids to encourage their parents to come back to church. 


What to Do When the Kids are Through?

There are always kids who finish their craft early while others are still very much engaged. It's important to plan activities to engage those early finishers... Here are a few ideas... 

Younger: Have a box of toys for free play

Pre-school: Have small felt boards and felt sets / blocks for building / Wooden Puzzles / Stuffed Animals 

Elementary: Coloring pages / Mazes / Word Searches / Prayer Station - Supplies for drawing and coloring where they can draw a picture of someone or something they want to pray about / Bible Academy Lessons from Advent Source / Helper play Bible "Hangman" game or Bible Tic-Tac-Toe game  / 


Helpful Websites:


Creative Wall Decorations:

Paint large sunflowers on walls with chalkboard paint centers – write names of kids who are having birthdays in the center


Ministering to Parents:

7 Ways to Encourage Today’s Parents as Spiritual Influencers at Home, by David C. Cook


Abuse Prevention & Healing:

You Have a Voice, storybook, activity book and puppets 

In this book, you will meet Joetta and her three woodland puppets. Through these puppets and their stories, children will learn what is and what is not appropriate behavior. And what to do if faced with similar situations. They will learn that they can use their voice to say “Stop!” “No!” and to tell people until they are heard.


NAD Children’s Ministries

This website has terrific help and guidelines for keeping children safe. Clever child-friendly instructional videos on safe practices. Tips for teens to work safely with children.


“Children’s Sabbath” Church Service Resources

Resources for children to provide the ENTIRE church service. Built on that year’s NAD VBS program this is to be used as a great follow up invitation for the community to return to your church for a special Sabbath program built on the theme their children enjoyed from the summer’s VBS.


Child Evangelism 



God Loves Me 28 Ways Child Evangelism Kit – $99.95 @


Learn how to lead child evangelism meetings that correspond with your church’s next evangelistic campaign for adults! The God Loves Me 28 Ways Child Evangelism Kit will help you plan kids’ meetings that complement the adult meetings and explain the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s beliefs in very simple terms that children will be able to understand.

This kit includes:

  • Leader’s Guide
  • God Loves Me 28 Ways
  • Sing About God’s Love songbook
  • Sing About God’s Love CD
  • Why We Can Trust the Bible
  • Learn About God’s Love Activity Book
  • Craft CD and DVD
  • Prayer Promises for Kids
  • God Loves Me 28 Ways for Young Readers (28 take-home Bible lessons)

Discover how to give the children in your church and community an exciting opportunity to get to know their new friend, Jesus.



Crafts that Teach



*Lap Book illustrating 28 Fundamental beliefs – Make a page illustrating each belief. When complete have children share beliefs from up front in church and explain why they chose to illustrate the way they did. Great way for kids to internalize beliefs and share it with their family and friends.


Digital Cactusville VBS Virtual Webinar Training – April 15 – 6:00 pm Central Time

Digital Cactusville 2021 VBS Training Webinar Registration - Zoom


Experience amazing Bible adventures, unforgettable foot-stompin', knee slappin’ songs, window shop at the Trading Post Craft station, see the menu at the chuckwagon snacks, giddy-up with the foot-stompin' games, and take a rest at Sunset Canyon Prayer Station! AdventSource and Children’s Ministries is working hard to bring you Cactusville 2021 digital version!   We are putting all our time and efforts into offering a digital VBS, for local churches, (all stations filmed) with instructions for the local church leader to be able to offer a VBS in their church either digital or they can purchase the full kit and organize their volunteers for an in-person Cactusville experience … Yee Haw! 






NAD Craft Collection:


Special Days Crafts & Activities:


Sabbath School Tips & Tools to Begin or Revitalize Children’s Ministries

Quick Start Guide Children’s Ministries Kit - $19.95 @





Quick Start Guides are a series of booklets designed to help local church leaders start or revitalize a ministry. Each Quick Start Guide contains a job description, instructions for getting started, tips for maintaining a successful ministry, troubleshooting suggestions, recommended resources, and more. Whether you're new to children’s ministries or a seasoned volunteer, Quick Start Guides will inspire you with ideas you can immediately put to use in your church.

This set includes:

  • Children’s Ministries Coordinator
  • Beginner Sabbath School
  • Kindergarten Sabbath School
  • Primary Sabbath School
  • Junior Sabbath School
  • Earliteen Sabbath School
  • Child Evangelism
  • Children's Church
  • Vacation Bible School



Prayer Activities




DESCRIPTION … $10.00 @

Kids will love learning about prayer with this 40-day prayer experience! This book is full of simple prayers for children and pages they can color as they learn more about prayer. 


Prayer Cards – Print off as posters or smaller versions for kids to take home


Devotional Books

Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science, by Louie Giglio $10.79 @ CBD

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, by Sally Lloyd Jones - $8.99 @ CBD|1000212


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