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Here's what's new this week in Children's Ministries!

Why not start the 2021 New Year off with a special focus on praying with your children?

General Conference Adventist Children's Ministries have designed these short, focused worship times for you to enjoy with your children. 


10 Days of Prayer - January 6-16, 2021













End it Now Summit on Abuse is live now! Vital information regarding abuse. Click here to view Summit.

Don't Talk to Strangers is an important message to tell our children.

What if the person who is making them uncomfortable is someone they know?

This is a vital conversation every parent should have with their child!

This book will help children know what to do...

You Have a Voice

by Marie Pflugrad

There is both good and evil in this world, and unfortunately, our precious children can be exposed to and experience some very dark and terrible things-- nothing any child should have to endure.  It’s of the utmost importance that our children have a safe haven and that we teach them that they indeed have a voice and can express when they are hurt, scared, or abused.  They need to learn who to trust and how to know the difference.  They need to feel heard and understood, and we adults need to take children’s words and actions seriously and do all in our power to protect them.

In this book, you will meet Joetta and her three woodland puppets.  Through these puppets and their stories, children will learn what is and what is not appropriate behavior.  And what to do if faced with similar situations.  They will learn that they can use their voice to say “Stop!” “No!” and to tell people until they are heard.

To order your copy of this important book at the sale price of $7.99 (regular price $9.99) call Peggy Glass at the Adventist Book Center at 402-488-3801.








Faith by Tommy Books - Written by Mark Brown

Adam the Raccoon Series by Glen Keane

Hi Friends … Children’s Sabbath video is here!  Check out

English is uploaded and Spanish is coming real soon!  Keep checking back!  Download time is literally about 3 minutes, but a joyful 3 minutes filled with music. 

This is such a fun video! Stories, activities, fun songs with actions, scriptures and mission feature! Tell your families they can download the emojis, the rockwall and coloring page ahead of time so they can participate along with the video.

The video is 52 minutes in length. You could send this link to your families and they could use it for their own virtual Sabbath School program, church service or Sabbath afternoon activity. You could also share this video personally via Zoom and connect with your families. And following the program why not ask them what they learned? This video would primarily appeal to Kindergarten, Primary and Junior age children.

We are excited to see what our churches are doing for Children’s Sabbath!  But if you already have big plans for this Sabbath you are free to use this video on another Sabbath that might work out a bit better for your church. Thanks for what you are doing to stay connected with the children and families in your churches during these challenging times!