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Primarily for Friends, Companions, Explorers but all Classes are welcome to attend. Contact Lonny Nelson with any questions.

How it works:

  • Find out how many Freinds, Companions, and Explorers you will be taking to the zoo.
  • Have your class staff decide what Honor they will do for their classes (see below).
  • Print the appropriate booklets (see below) for each person in each class - print a couple extra just in case.
  • Print Instructor booklets for your class staff.
  • Arrive at the Omaha or Kansas City Zoo and meet up with other clubs.
  • Break up into classes and complete the honor booklet during the morning.
  • Have Lunch together in the zoo parking lot.
  • Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the zoo!
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Below are the printable booklets to aid in teaching the Honors.

Friend class:

Companion Class:

Explorer Class:
Other Classes:
Want to create a booklet for a different Honor? Let Lonny help you - Contact him today.

Other Honor Resources
Explorer Class Memory Verse      
   John 8:12      

Do you have any honor help files or documents you would like to see here?  Email Lonny Nelson!