Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Men's Ministries
Rod Scherencel

The mission of the Men's Ministries Department is to stimulate the energy and the resources of men for God, family, church, and community.

Biography -
Director of Men’s Ministries:
Rod Scherencel’s bio may be more colorful than a typical pastor. That’s because he spent the first years of his adult life pursuing goals and experiences that would have destroyed him if God had not miraculously intervened. Rod would rather have a squeaky clean past, but he finds his own stories create connections with people from all walks of life, and he is grateful that God’s grace knows how to find beauty in ashes. Rod studied behavioral science at the University of Georgia and theology at Pacific Union College, and later found his second career in ministry, most of which has been spent in public evangelism and pastoring in the North Pacific Union and Rocky Mountain Conference. As a vocal artist, much of Rod’s ministry has involved music, which included extensive travel as well as the release of four albums on the Chapel Records label. Today, Rod and his wife of 42 years and partner in ministry, Lynne, have two children and three of the most brilliant, best-looking, most talented, daring, dashing, and witty grandchildren ever, who obviously take after their grandfather. Rod and Lynne enjoy the rich, homey lifestyle of southeastern Kansas, where Rod pastors a district of four churches and serves as director of men’s ministries for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. When time permits, Rod’s hobbies include wood working, snow skiing, dirt bike riding, camping, swimming, and organizing the garage—not necessarily in that order.