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2018 Spring Camporee

Check Back Often as we update this page - Last Update: May 1

Price $7.00 Per Person

What events you and your Pathfinders should expect at camporee!


Drilling & Marching: (Required!)
We have been working toward building a stronger Drilling and Marching program throughout our Conference. 

  1. The first step was developing a program to showcase skills for any level. This will take place at Camporee and is required. 
  2. The second step was to develop the guidelines (or rules) of the Drilling and Marching. We worked hard on this and presented them for a vote of approval and immediate implementation at Honors Fest. I am attaching the files for you in this email.
    We will require each club to submit at least one Drilling & Marching Team at Camporee.
  3. The third step to building a stronger Drilling & Marching program is to provide opportunities for staff and TLT's to specialize in becoming a Certified Drill Instructor. as part of the AYMT Leadership training. This will be an available option at Leadership Training on September 14-16.

    Drilling & Marching Rules & Scoresheets Downloads:
    Drilling & Marching Rules
    Basic Scoresheet
    Advanced Scoresheet
    Freestyle Scoresheet
    Final Scoresheet

First Aid:
Pathfinders should have a knowledge and understanding of the following First Aid procedures. Here are some links to videos showing the procedures we will follow and expect Pathfinders to follow. Note: In some videos, a Reef Knot is sometimes used as another name for Square Knot.
Carry Relay: Knot Relay: Fire Building Relay: Stilts: