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 Data Rollup

NAD Dashboard - School User Guide (2016-2017)

NAD Dashboard - Conference User Guide (2016-2017)

NAD Report Cards

Data Rollup: Overview

Data Rollup: Import Error Report Explanation

Data Rollup: FAQ & Critical Error Help

Data Rollup: Opening Report Assistant


The process for obtaining Data Rollup Errors and SIS help will follow the following protocols:

  1. Schools refer to the support information available to them to resolve errors and questions. 

  2. If further assistance is needed, schools contact the Conference.


Teacher or School need help?

  1. First, try the online help manual by clicking “Help” in the upper right of your screen. It will go right to the chapter corresponding to the page you are viewing. You can also type in the feature you need help with. Watch a video about it or read written instructions. 

  2. If that does not solve your issue, reach out first to your Conference Leader. 

  3. If they can’t help you, reach out to the Jupiter Support team.  


Jupiter Support

Support Information

Phone: 888-367-9764



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