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Children's Ministries

Great Resources for Children's Leaders! Thanks for making sure your Children's Leaders have access to these wonderful resources!
Children’s Ministries 4th trimester Sabbath School videos in Spanish are ready! https://vimeo.com/channels/1292362Check out this link for more information!

2.       On our website, we’ve added “Dia del Niño Adventista” http://www.childmin.org/en-espaol, another great resource for the churches.

3.       For those who haven’t seen our Children’s Sabbath materials… http://www.childmin.org/childrens-sabbath-17 Here they are! The Spanish ones will be uploaded TODAY and the French ones should be up BY THE END OF THE WEEK! So exciting!

4.       Our #SayYESToJesus materials have been translated! Yay! They will also be uploaded by the end of the week and will be accessible through this link: http://www.childmin.org/sayyestojesus

5.       On our blog, we’ve shared a few great articles about dealing with disasters. http://www.childmin.org/kmimagazine/2017/9/12/talking-to-children-about-disasters In our nation, we are facing many challenges, so let’s stick together and help our children out in the best way we know how!

Check out these links for great resources to involve your children in providing a fabulous worship experience for your church! Click on the word "Program." These resources can be used any Sabbath which fits into your church calendar.

Come experience a day in the Creation Health Kids VBS program, Sabbath afternoon, May 13, from 3-5:00 pm at the West Lenexa Church! This is a great resource to use for VBS, Children's Church, Sabbath afternoon Kids' Club or kid's programming during evangelistic meetings! Take advantage of this FREE training!

Check out this great weekend of training for Children's Ministries! Watch for a poster about this coming soon...Here's the schedule!
Children’s Leadership Conference
Mid-America Union Conference Center
NAD Creative Arts Certification Schedule
Everyone Invited
Friday, March 3, 2017
General Session: 7:00pm – 9:00pm: Sherri Uhrig - Devotional
Sabbath, March 4, 2017
Class #1: 9:00–10:15: Brent Kimura Puppeteers – Puppetry
Class #2: 10:30–11:45: Joann Herrington – Praise and Worship
Lunch: 11:45–12:45 – Fellowship Hall
Class #3: 1:00–2:15 – Brent Kimura Puppeteers – Puppetry
Class #4: 2:30-3:45 – Teresa Peckham/Candi Sartin – Ballooning
Class #5: 4:00-5:15 – Teresa Peckham/Candi Sartin - Ballooning
Supper: 5:15-6:00 – Fellowship Hall
Class #6: 6:15-7:30 - Joann Herrington – Praise and Worship
Class #7: 7:45-9:30 - Staff - Vacation Bible Experience Showcase 2017
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Class #8: 8:00-9:15 – Brett Hadley – Drama
Class #9: 9:30-10:45 – Brett Hadley – Drama
Certification Awards: 10:45-11:00: Conference CM Directors
Good Bye: 11:15am
$70 Per Person / Early Bird Rate $55 Before February 23, 2017
English and Spanish* Tracks
Includes Sabbath Lunch and Dinner
$20 Per Child – Childcare
Lodging On Your Own
Register at Plusline.org or 800.732.7587
Mid-America Union Conference 8307 Pine Lake Road Lincoln, NE 68516
Who Should Attend
Pastors, Elders, Parents, Children’s Ministries Leaders, Sabbath School Teachers, Vacation Bible School Leaders, Adventurer Leaders, Pathfinder Leaders, Children’s Story Time Leaders, Youth Leaders, Anyone who loves working with children
Brent Kimura pastors for the Washington Conference and has many years of experience in puppet ministry. He is bringing his teen group to assist him by demonstration and instruction.
Joann Herrington lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and has been the worship leader for her church for many years. She is an educator and musician and is well known for her expertise in praise and worship.
Teresa Peckham and Candi Sartin live in Gothenburg, Nebraska and attend the Gothenburg SDA Church. They love teaching the gospel through their balloon and clown ministry entitled “Clowns For Christ” (see Facebook page).
Brett Hadley pastors the New Creation Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and drama coach/professor in the Humanities Division of Union College.
*Justo & Rosa Morales come from the Illinois Conference where they are the Children’s Ministries Directors and Justo is Hispanic Coordinator.
Sherri Uhrig, NAD Children’s Ministries Director
Hubert Cisneros, MAU Children’s Ministries Director
Tonya Anderson, Children’s Ministries Interim Director, Central States Conference
Brad Gienger, Children’s Ministries Director, Dakota Conference
Gail Coridan, Children’s Ministries Representative, Iowa-Missouri Conference
Sue Carlson, Children’s Ministries Director, Kansas-Nebraska Conference
John Bedell, Children’s Ministries Director, Minnesota Conference
Patty Rivera, Children’s Ministries Representative, Rocky Mountain Conference
Brad Forbes, Director, AdventSource

Here's some news about some great new free resources!

For those of you in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference using the newly produced SDA program, Kidsville VBX: Where Jesus loves others through you!, you can borrow a large 10 x 20 backdrop with stand and 9 large posters that go with the program for free! All you have to do is transport the items. It's on a first come first serve basis so just call the office and talk to Sue Carlson to reserve these great resources!
Pastor Delmar Austin let me know, "We had about 40 children attend our Kidsville Vacation Bible Xperience this week at Omaha Memorial.

The large dog posters in the picture below are available to borrow from the KS-NE Conference office when you use the Kidsville VBX program. 

Here's a note from Brad Forbes at Advent Source regarding products which go with the newly produced SDA Vacation Bible (School) Experience!
I'm excited about this years Kidsville VBX program! In addition to the starter kit you will want to make sure you have enough supplies for the kids who will attend this summer -- here 
are several items you'll want to make sure you have at the start of your VBX.
Bible Pals
Each day the children who attend will receive a Bible Pal to put on their Kidsville Carabiner. These are priced so they cost less than $1 per day per kid.
Inline image 1
WOW Wall Paint Splats
You can make these yourself or purchase a pre-cut package that is ready for you to use. You will use these during the ending program each day (need one per child). 
Inline image 2
Kidsville Playpack
These are for the group leaders to keep all the supplies for their group (Bible pals, paint splats, etc.) They only cost $1.49 per pack!
Inline image 3
Kidsville T-shirts
We have t-shirts that are great for your staff to identify themselves as part of your Kidsville program!
Inline image 5
I Love VBS Pencils
Looking for an inexpensive piece to give the kids who attend your program? Pencils are $1.99/10 pack
Inline image 4
We have banners, certificates, posters and much more. Check them out on our website (link below) or call 402.486.8800 and one of our
Ministry Consultants will be happy to assist you.
Rocio Rojas is a wealth of knowledge...an experienced presenter for NAD Children's Ministries!

Encourage those in your churches who work with children in Sabbath School, Children's Church, VBS, etc. to come to these Camp Meeting Children's Ministries Seminars!

She will give four different seminars...they are all excellent! Please be sure and let your local leaders know of this great opportunity!

Special Prayer of Dedication for Sherri Uhrig, new NAD Children's Ministries Director...

Learning how to teach from nature...

Teaching children using balloon sculpting...

Great Children's Ministries resources to purchase from Advent Source...

Prayers of Confession...written in the sand...

Cookies & Cards project...Bible Learning Activities Seminar

Learning to teach with puppets...Bible Learning Activities Seminar project

Learning to teach with sculpting...Bible Learning Activities Seminar project
(Jonah & the Whale!)

Balloon Prayer Praises...Creative Ministries Seminar

Interactive Bulletin Board...Bible Learning Activities Seminar

Working together in small groups...Bible Learning Activities Seminar

Learning to share Jesus through Face Painting...Creative Arts Ministries Seminar

Sonia Cano teaching the Stages of Faith Development...

Sharing Jesus through face painting...Creative Arts Ministries Seminar

Check out http://www.gracelink.net/
FANTASTIC Children's Ministries resources on this website...Sabbath School helps for Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior-Earliteen!