Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Children's Ministries

Great Resources for Children's Leaders! Thanks for making sure your Children's Leaders have access to these wonderful resources!
Children’s Ministries 4th trimester Sabbath School videos in Spanish are ready! https://vimeo.com/channels/1292362Check out this link for more information!

2.       On our website, we’ve added “Dia del Niño Adventista” http://www.childmin.org/en-espaol, another great resource for the churches.

3.       For those who haven’t seen our Children’s Sabbath materials… http://www.childmin.org/childrens-sabbath-17 Here they are! The Spanish ones will be uploaded TODAY and the French ones should be up BY THE END OF THE WEEK! So exciting!

4.       Our #SayYESToJesus materials have been translated! Yay! They will also be uploaded by the end of the week and will be accessible through this link: http://www.childmin.org/sayyestojesus

5.       On our blog, we’ve shared a few great articles about dealing with disasters. http://www.childmin.org/kmimagazine/2017/9/12/talking-to-children-about-disasters In our nation, we are facing many challenges, so let’s stick together and help our children out in the best way we know how!

Check out these links for great resources to involve your children in providing a fabulous worship experience for your church! Click on the word "Program." These resources can be used any Sabbath which fits into your church calendar.
Here's some news about some great new free resources!

For those of you in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference using the newly produced SDA program, Kidsville VBX: Where Jesus loves others through you!, you can borrow a large 10 x 20 backdrop with stand and 9 large posters that go with the program for free! All you have to do is transport the items. It's on a first come first serve basis so just call the office and talk to Sue Carlson to reserve these great resources!