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Perhaps the one most important word in estate planning is “objectives.” What is your life objective? Every life needs a plan. By thoughtful planning you can enjoy the many good things of life. There is also peace of mind in knowing that your family and God’s work are cared for through your estate plan.
There are many estate planning opportunities with the Trust Services Department that can assist you in reaching your life objectives. The Kansas-Nebraska Conference Trust Services is equipped to assist you in complete estate planning from a simple Will to many types of Trusts, Gift Annuities and other forms of gift philanthropy.
Statistics reveal that approximately 70% of adults living in the United States currently do not have their own estate plan. In this act of omission, they have chosen to allow the government to decide for them. If you die without an estate plan , the distribution of your assets won’t necessarily be in accordance with your wishes. Only with a some type of estate plan can you control exactly who will get what, when and how and who will be the guardian(s) of your minor children.
By establishing and managing your estate, you have the privilege of honoring God with what He has entrusted to you. If you would like assistance, please contact me by e-mail (click below) or by calling one of the offices listed below.
Cycles of Life
Cycles of Life
Cycles of Life

Norman Zimmerman
Trust Services Director

Susan Sweigart
Administrative Assistant

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