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Let your local Trust Services representative help you plan your financial future with a correct diagnosis for YOU!

The following is a list of seminars available to your church/organization:

•Aging Challenges:  Deals with preparation for retirement.  
•Budget:   Designed to assist individuals in recognizing the need for a personal budget and guidance to successful budgeting.  
•Family Financial Planning (Debt Problems):  Reveals the pitfalls in personal finance and how to control your financial future.  
•Personal Finance (Financial Check-up) 10 min Test:  Quick test to evaluate your personal finances.
•Estate Planning:  Personal estate planning.
•Trusts, Wills, POA’s Seminar:  The importance for the need of estate planning for your family and God’s church.  
•Man’s Relationship to God and his Possessions: A biblical picture of our relationship duties to God and the stewardship of possessions.  
•Faith and Finance – 12 Topics
  1. Why Money Management is Important to the Christian
  2. Financial Planning for the Cycle of Life
  3. Giving:  Tithe, Offerings, Helping Others
  4. Dealing with Debt – Getting Out and Staying Out
  5. Making a Budget – Counting the Cost
  6. Training Children, Money and Marriage, Money and Singles
  7. Major Purchases:  Housing, Automobiles
  8. Honesty, Integrity and Work
  9. Planning for Retirement – Free to Serve
  10. Saving and Investing                                                       
  11. Inheritance and Estate Planning                                                 
  12. The rewards of Financial Faithfulness                                                  
Norman Zimmerman
Trust Director
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