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Wills, Trusts and POA's

Have you ever heard yourself giving one of these reasons for not having a Will?
   ● the law will take care of distributing my assets if I don’t have a will.
   ● I’ll do it when I have time.
Don’t procrastinate.  Who knows how much time we really have?  Having a Will or a Trust is important enough to make creating yours a priority. 

 make it possible to transfer all of your assets into a trust agreement.  It is simple, flexible and private.  
  The trust can distribute assets without using a probate court and may be revoked at any time.  

Basic Will 
allows you to decide how and where the shares of your estate are divided.   

Will with an Educational Maintenance Trust inside it creates a trust that will be funded by your estate to education and maintain your children until the age you specify.  

Power of Attorney for Health Care allows you to make your wishes known if you should be faced with imminent death and you are not capable of making the decision at the time of need.  

Living Will states that if you should lapse into a persistent vegetative state or have an incurable and irreversible condition that will cause my death within a relatively short period of time and I cannot make a decision regarding medical treatment, you direct your physician to withhold life sustaining treatment not necessary my comfort.  

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