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We will gladly pay the postage to mail you these books / DVD's / resources. You can keep them for 2 months. Then you pay the return postage to mail them back to us.  Questions? Call -

It’s Going to Be Alright”, Arthur A. Milward
Arthur Milward tells the story of his emotionally traumatic childhood, his young son’s battle with leukemia, a Nazi officer’s unexpected anguish, a 6 year-old’s abandonment by her parents, and others caught in the frailty and cruelty of life on this sin-stained planet.
Accompanying every sorrow is a thread of hope. Our heavenly Father has assured us that in the end everything will be all right. There will be no more crying or pain, no more death or mourning. (Rev. 21:4)In the meantime His promises soothe our aching souls. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” (Joshua 1:5)

“Waiting and Longing”, Randy Roberts
Christians have been waiting for Jesus to return ever since an angel asked the question, “Men of Galilee,…why do you stand here looking into the sky?” In Waiting and Longing, Pastor Randy Roberts shows us how to live as believers preparing to meet the Savior today and always.

“The Other Side of the Boat”, Nancy Neuharth Troyer
The Other Side of the Boat is the devotional journal of a military chaplain’s wife who accompanied her husband to faraway places around the world during his 30 year career. Each stop became an opportunity to see how God was leading her family and to witness how God is touching the world in beautiful and unexpected ways. Each story offers encouragement, hope and inspiration.

“Raise a Leader {God’s Way}, Prudence LaBeach Pollard, Ph.D.
Dr. Pollard draws from years of prayerful study, academic training, and personal experience to provide encouragement and biblical guidance on such topics as: parental responsibility, supportive relationships, healthy communication, clearly defined boundaries, genuine self esteem, character development, and Christ centered values.
Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart, but God will give you the ability to fulfill this most important calling.
Honestly, I’m Struggling”, Heather Bohlender
Cambodia was the last place Heather wanted to be-once she finally got there. She had been looking forward to serving as a student missionary nearly all her life and jumped at the chance to go on an adventure with God. But talking and going were two entirely different experiences.
There were the language and cultural barriers, her ongoing battle with an eating disorder, overwhelming loneliness and the all too human struggle to find, know, and trust God. Through all this and more Heather stumbled onto a completely new perspective on life.

What We Believe, Prophecies of Daniel for Teens, Seth J. Pierce
Daniel wrote his book a long time ago, so does it really have anything to do with us today? Can Daniel really tell us what to expect in the future? If you have ever asked these questions then this book is for you. Prophecies of Daniel for Teens offers an exceptional and understandable guide to Bible prophecy and end time revelations. Fascinating and enlightening for all ages.

Always Prepared, Answers to questions about our faith, Humberto Rasi and Nancy Vyhmeister
Always Prepared poses 20 questions that answer in large part the overarching question, Why am I a Seventh-day Adventist? The co-editors have assembled a distinguished group of scholars and theologians who skillfully probe and provide sound answers to such questions as, What’s so special about the seventh day of the week? Who was Ellen White? Are there moral absolutes? Do Christians worship three Gods? What’s unique about Jesus?

FIRST THING EVERY MORNING, Lewis Timberlake with Elinor Griffith.
This author weaves instructional and motivational thoughts with a combination of humor, emotion, facts, and techniques that can be put to use for a long time. How you start your day can energize your life.

GREAT QUOTES FROM GREAT WOMEN, Compiled by Peggy Anderson.
Get acquainted with 30 great women past and present in these timeless examples of individuals unafraid to challenge the status quo.  Great women are not considered so because of personal achievements, but for the effect their efforts have had on the lives of countless others. Comes with a short DVD.

OIL FOR YOUR LAMP, Women Taking Care of Themselves by Lisa Hammond & BJ Gallagher.
Women are losing ground on the happiness scale because we are out of oil. Throughout this book the authors share stories from women who have let their lamps run on fumes…and contrast them with women who have learned how to refuel, keeping their lamps burning brightly. Includes DVD instrumental music “Memories of you” from To My Love by David London.

SEVEN CHOICES FOR SUCCESS AND SIGNIFIGANCE, How to live Life from the Inside Out, by Dr. Nido R. Qubein.  Regardless of where you were born or what your financial position in life, the power to affect your own future lies within your own hands. Dr. Nido Quebein shares his personal story and how the choices he made changed the direction of his life. He presently serves as president of High Point University, High Point, NC.

212˚ LEADERSHIP, The 10 Rules for Highly Effective Leadership, by Mac Anderson.
At 211 degrees water is hot but it boils at 212. That one degree makes a big difference. This book is about how 1 degree of leadership can make a difference in your own success and in the success of those you lead and in your organization.

Making Love Last Forever – Gary Smalley, marriage expert.
Copy right 1996 and holds true today. Gary Smalley gets right to the root of the problem and offers real and invaluable advice on how to change the quality of your life and your relationships. He encourages the reader to, “stretch your mind to entertain the idea that you are fully responsible for you r own quality of life, no matter.  Be open to the idea that falling in love with life is the best way to equip yourself to stay in love with your spouse – forever. Read and reread the sections that you think apply to you and look for deeper insight as you go for a love that lasts forever.”
No More Excuses DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  How will your church respond to the crisis?
Mable Dunbar, Ph.D., LPC & Colin Dunbar, D.Min.
This book is an essential guide for everyone who wants to be prepared to assist the families in their church and community. It will help you learn more about God’s will for your life and the lives of those suffering in the shadow of abuse.
Also, this book outlines for pastors, elders, and church leaders, a clear theology for understanding the impact of domestic violence on the church, and ways to appropriately, biblically, and honorably intervene.
Work, Love, Pray – Diane Paddison   
Is It Possible to Have It All – All at Once? In this book Diane draws from her own experiences as a high-level executive, wife, mother and stepmom of four to help you make sense of your life. Each chapter includes stories from businesswomen in all seasons of life, current research data, action-oriented next steps, and questions for reflection or group use. Work, Love, Pray will give you guidance that is biblically sound and professionally reliable.
SECRETS of the SECRET PLACE – Bob Sorge  Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God.
The secret place is “the womb of the morning,” the fountainhead of true kingdom fruitfulness. This book is written for the reader to get a glimpse of the living relationship God has purposed to have with us. What Jesus had with His Father when He walked this earth is available to you!
How do I grow? What does a spiritually mature person even look like? Why does it seem so hard, and go so slowly? Will I ever really be any different? John Ortberg takes Jesus call to abundant living seriously, joyfully, and realistically. He believes human transformation is genuinely possible, and he describes its process in sane and practical ways. Also available is the 6 session DVD on spiritual disciplines for ordinary people.
SOUL TALK - THE LANGUAGE GOD LONGS FOR US TO SPEAK – Larry Crabb   Know God  more intimately and relate to others more deeply. Everyday talk in our homes and work places is often hollow and just talk. It can be different, says author and psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb in this new book. Through Soul Talk God will connect us with the deepest struggles, desires and dreams of those around us, enabling us to become the people we were called to be. Grow closer to each other and closer to God through conversation.
GOOD GIRLS DON’T HAVE TO DRESS BAD, a style guide for every woman – Shari Braendel.  
This promises to be a fun book as Shari teaches you how to accept and appreciate the body God gave you and how to always look your best.  Discover your specific body type and color group, the exact pieces you need in your closet to build your wardrobes, anti-aging tricks, the 5 Bs of style and modesty and how to win the battle to find the right swimsuit and jeans. You’ll never have to say, “I have nothing to wear.”
GOD’S PROMISES TO A WOMAN’S HEART – Jane Fryar  25 Daily devotions. Wherever you have been and whatever you have done, you can come home – right now! Repent. Confess. Be refreshed in your King’s never-ending love.

 SURPRISE CHILD, Finding Hope in Unexpected Pregnancy

By: Leslie Leyland Fields.
Many women today find an unexpected pregnancy too much to bear…Read
Surprise Child to know you are not alone, you are not a freak or unworthy. Surprise Child brings realness to the issue that not all pregnancies are planned by us but always planned by God.

His Needs Her Needs

Building An Affair-Proof Marriage


By:  Willard F. Harley, Jr.


What will it take to make your marriage sizzle?  Time after time His Needs, Her Needs has topped the charts as the best marriage book available.  Because more than any other, this book helps husbands and wives give each other what they need most in marriage.  Over one million couples who have read this book have learned to make their marriages sizzle, and they are recommending it to others.  Join those who have seen spectacular changes in their marriages by following Dr. Harley’s tried and proven counsel.  You will discover than an outstanding marriage can be more than a dream – it can be your reality.



52 Sabbath Activities for Teen Groups

A Resource of Proven, Surefire, Guaranteed-Fun Ideas That Make Sabbaths Unforgettable for Youth


By:  Don Pate


Here are 52 proven, surefire, guaranteed-fun activities to make Sabbath really special for teens!  Each activity section gives you step-by-step instructions for making it happen and tells you what preparation and materials you’ll need and the minimum time required for the activity.  Whether you’re a youth leader, teacher or pastor, you’ll find this book a valuable resource for creating Sabbaths that bring teens exciting fellowship with God and Christian friends.



Really Living

People whose lives have been changed by Jesus


By:  Don Schneider with Ken Wade


What do a cardiologist, drug dealer, presidential honor guard, Seminary professor, and Siberian labor camp detainee have in common?  They have all discovered the secret to Really Living!  Find out what happens when ordinary people invite Jesus to change their lives; learn how you can experience the abundant life He promises all believers.



100 Creative Activities for Sabbath


By:  Karen Holford


“Sabbath preparation is more challenging when both parents work full time outside the home, or commute long distances….  Many of us live in cities and don’t have the opportunity to live in the countryside, surrounded by natural plants and animals.  Some of us live in communities where being street-wise is a matter of survival.  This book is designed to provide a variety of activities for twenty-first century families, living in a range of different contexts.”  In classic Holford style, Karen piles on the creativity with outdoor activities, then keeps it coming with indoor activities.  Each activity has a simple explanation, a list of what you will need, what you will do, things to talk about, and alternative ideas to help customize the activity.  For parents and caregivers who want their children to treasure our Sabbath heritage, this book is a cause for rejoicing!



Charging the Human Battery

50 Ways to Motivate Yourself


By:  Mac Anderson


“Just remember…people are like sticks of dynamite; the power’s on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.”  Why is it that some people, regardless of their circumstances, can stay energized and excited about life while others are controlled by their circumstances?  I think that one of the greatest challenges in life is to get inside our own head, and truly understand what makes us tick.  It’s not easy, but this little book was written with that in mind.



52 Things To Do On Sabbath


By:  Glen Robinson


Remember those long summer Sabbath afternoons when the sun seemed nailed to the sky?  Your children were soon climbing the walls from inactivity, and you had run out of ideas for things for them to do – things that not only would keep them occupied but were worth doing and were enjoyable besides.  Here is the book that will keep such days from happening again.  Born out of a desire to make Sabbaths enjoyable for the author’s own family, this book offers practical suggestions for things that will involve both adult and child and turn the day into a delight.  Each idea can be adapted to fit your needs and situations.  Many of the concepts come from successful Adventist families who have experienced the Sabbath as a truly happy family day.  Here’s to wonderful Sabbaths.



Guide’s Greatest Mission Stories


By:  Lori Peckham

Wherever God’s people go, He goes with them.  Machete-wielding assassins flee when a horseman rides up – but the missionary they had been sent to kill can’t find any hoof prints.  A teenager hurls a rock at the kerosene lantern hanging just above the preacher’s head – and a mysterious hand reaches out to grab the stone.  Seven dogs show up at a missionary’s home and prevent a mob from murdering the family – on three separate occasions.  But God doesn’t just protect the ones He sends; He floods their hearts with His love, too.  Puringa sold the clothes off his back for the right to continue teaching about Jesus.  The kindness of young Jume saved the life of a man who mocked him.  And Pedro, an isolated Bible worker, devised a plan to share the gospel with thousands of people along the Amazon River whom he could never reach in person.  There’s nothing like a good mission story to remind you that God is faithful to everyone who is totally committed to Him!



Guide’s Greatest Sabbath Stories


By:  Helen Lee Robinson


“I will give you people exactly five minutes to decide whether or not you will work on Saturday.”  Here is a collection of amazing but true stores about God’s faithfulness to those who honor His holy day.  A father has no money to send his children to church school until his boss offers him a raise – if he will work on Sabbath just this once.  A son is offered a stack of money if he will forget his Adventist scruples.  A man with a gun aimed at his heart has to decide whether to honor his conscience.  SDA athletes face Sabbath tournaments, musicians face Sabbath recitals, and student face Sabbath exams.  Fishermen leave huge fish in their nets at Friday sundown.  Even inanimate objects honor the Sabbath - like the hammer that wouldn’t work on that day, the thick harness torn in two by an invisible hand, and one super capacity water jug.  Sometimes angels get into the act.  One explains the seventh day in a dream.  Helpful guides appear and disappear.  A mysterious porter brings baked potatoes to a young man bleeding from the lash of his chief who demands he carry a load on the Sabbath.  In each case God provides for His own.  Taken from 50 years of guide, a magazine for Christian youth, these stories prove God’s promise: “Those who honor me I will honor” (1 Samuel 2:30, NIV).



Healthy Christians

DVD Adventist Preaching Series Volume 11


By:  Derek Morris


Disc One:  Healthy Lifestyles; Healthy Families; Healthy Finances

Disc Two:  Healthy Relationships; Healthy Bodies; Healthy Minds; Derek Morris: The Man and His Mission


In this edition of Adventist Preaching, Pastor Morris suggests that being a healthy Christian is more than just the food we eat.  It encompasses every area of the Christian life.  The series reveals new areas for growth so that we can be totally healthy Christians.



Signs of Hope

Looking Forward to the Second Coming

DVD Adventist Preaching Series Volume 21


By:  Jo Ann Davidson


Disc One:  God is Holy; Lightning on the Mountain; God is Judge

Disc Two:  Lord of the Delay; God the Creator; Jo Ann Davidson: The Woman and Her Mission


Jo Ann Davidson brings a new dimension to Theology.  Her in-depth study of God uncovers ideas and concepts that have given her classes a popular edge.  Her theological discoveries tantalize the inquisitive and are neither boring nor too deep for any level of understanding.  Signs of Hope is no exception.  Dr. Davidson says, “We often reduce our picture of God to ‘God is Love’ whereas the biblical portrait of God is far grander!”


My Secret Weapon

Unlocking the Explosive Inner Power of a Woman


By:  Dr. Susie M. Hill


In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Hill uncovers a woman’s Secret Weapon and debunks the notion that women must fight for power.  After years of research and personal struggle to discover her own feminine identity, Dr. Hill writes from the heart to the heart about one of the major issues confronting the church today, the use and misuse of feminine power.  As The Voice for Feminine Responsible Living, Dr. Hill explains, “My purpose in this book is to ignite your explosive inner power.  I am committed to teaching you that the power you so greatly desire you already have.  You were born with it.  You are AWESOME!”  This bold and compelling book is indispensable for women who wish to have a positive impact for the Kingdom.


Women in Prison

Ministry Handbook


By:  Sunny M. Lockwood


“What would it be like to wake up every day in a cage?  To be shocked from sleep by an ear-shattering buzzer…in an 8-by-12-foot cage…furnished with two bunks, a toilet, a sink, and three shelves?”  Thousands of women experience this – every day.  Often when people think of prison ministry they think of Bible studies and worship services.  Those are important but women in prison need more.  They need emotional support, life skills training, reading instruction, or just toiletries.  Some simply need to hear their children say “I love you.”  Base on the real-life experience of Sarah Luke and others who serve women in prison, this book is a practical “how-to” guide to ministering to women living their lives behind bars.  It will take you step by step through the process of beginning a prison ministry to women.



Guideposts 3-in-1 Exclusive – Patsy Clairmont

God Uses Cracked Pots / Normal Is Just a Setting on Your Dryer / Under His Wings


By:  Patsy Clairmont


God Uses Cracked Pots – Readers everywhere will adore this side-splitting, heartwarming collection of anecdotal gems.  Patsy Clairmont recreates everyday events with punch and poignancy, turning each into a memorable lesson on family and faith.


Normal Is Just a Setting on Your Dryer – We all tend to compare ourselves with others.  We often come up short – even when we think we’re too tall.  Prepare yourself for a silly spin through the ridiculous lengths we go to so we can promenade out of the laundry room of life appearing normal.  Read on and be encouraged:  If you’re you, you’re normal!


Under His Wings and Other Places of Refuge – Life presents each of us with heart-rending moments.  Most of us respond by seeking the nearest haven.  Patsy Clairmont helps us understand why and where we try to hide and how to find true safety for our sundered souls.  Of course, her explanation involves a lot of laughing – so prepare yourself to smile and sigh, but most importantly, to find your way under His wings.



Gracious Living In A New World

Finding Joy in Changing Times


By:  Alexandra Stoddard


We are living in a new world, one that challenges our peace of mind and our inner grace.  Technology, while providing us many advantages, encourages us to race through our days so that we no longer know what we’d do if we were to slow down.  If our rush for newer, quicker, better, we have rushed past the joys of living.  Life is so wondrously rich with possibility, and the more we welcome and value each day, the more we can do to restore grace and meaning to our lives.  Grace begins within each of us and flows out to our families, to our neighbors, and to the whole universe.  Together, let’s celebrate the gift of grace.



The Art of the Possible

The Path from Perfectionism to Balance and Freedom


By:  Alexandra Stoddard


“We can maintain our health, manage stress, feel joy, love, and freedom only when we liberate ourselves from the tyranny of demanding perfection from ourselves and others.  When we become comfortable being ourselves…when we savor the perfect moments instead of chasing the perfect life…we discover and rediscover what’s possible for us each day we are alive.”



Daring To Be Beautiful

Create Beauty, Harmony, and Individuality in Your Life by Developing Your Unique Personal Style at Home, Work, and Play


By:  Alexandra Stoddard


This book will help you discover a personal style to reflect the beauty, imagination, and individuality that is within you.  Whether you’re decorating your home or office, choosing a wardrobe, or planning a party or vacation, you’ll know the pleasure and excitement of putting your signature on everything you touch.  With the help of celebrated interior designer Alexandra Stoddard, bestselling author of LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE and LIVING BEAUTIFULLY TOGETHER, you’ll learn to recognize the things that give you pleasure, make you feel comfortable, and express your personality.  Once you have opened the doors to self-expression, you will delight in new ideas, trusting your own taste and using your special flair to create a world of style that is uniquely yours.




The Complete New Testament – New Century Version


By:  Thomas Nelson Bibles


God never intended the Bible to be too difficult for His people.  To make sure God’s message was clear, the authors of the Bible recorded God’s word in familiar everyday language.  These books brought a message that the original readers could understand. These first readers knew that God spoke through these books.  Down through the centuries, many people wanted a Bible so badly that the copied different Bible books by hand!  Today, many Christians do not regularly read the Bible.  Many feel that the Bible is too hard to understand or irrelevant to life.  This version presents the Bible as God intended it: clear and dynamic.  A team of scholars from the World Bible Translation Center worked together with twenty one other experienced Bible scholars from all over the world to translate the text directly from the best available Greek and Hebrew texts.  You can trust that this Bible accurately presents God’s Word as it came to us in the original languages.


Victory in Jesus

Embracing His Death and Receiving His Overcoming Life


By:  Bill Liversidge


Are you struggling with temptation and sin?  Are there things in your life that it seems Christ ahs been unable to overcome?  Perhaps you’ve come to the point where you’ve started to believe that you might as well enjoy the sin if you are going to be stuck with it! Or maybe you just don’t feel you are measuring up to the high standard of God’s character. 


If any of this is true in your life, do not despair!  There is hope for you!  Bill Liversidge is committed to making the complicated easy to understand.  He believes that God wants the way of salvation to be so clear that even a child can understand it.  By the time you finish this practical guide to victory, you’ll no doubt conclude that he has succeeded in that effort.



Living in Love


By:  Alexandra Stoddard


Love is a wondrous miracle.  It has power to heal and to overcome pain; to transform our struggles into opportunities for joy and a deeper appreciation of life.  The first step we take on our miraculous journey toward greater love is to open the wellspring of love within ourselves.  Living in love is an attitude and a way.  It requires living up to our fullest possibilities and giving birth to our higher power.  Over the years I’ve found certain truths that have been helpful to me and may be helpful to you.  I offer them to you, with Love.





A Celebration


By:  Alexandra Stoddard


There is no more important work than rising the next generation.  This is what mothers do.  Mothers, across cultures, are at the emotional center of the home and, collectively, of the world.  They are channels of loving energy, the primary nurturers of all human beings.  Mothers are quintessential people.  Mothers protect the pure, clean, vulnerable essence of others.  They allow growth to a deeper self; a natural life energy flows from their authentic, true nature.  A mother is a life force, a spirit.  She is living, loving energy, channeling abundance into all of our lives.  This book celebrates mothers and their influence on their children and ultimately to the universe.



Beside Every Great Dad

How wives help their husbands succeed as fathers


By:  Nancy L. Swihart & Ken R. Canfield


The first book to talk to women about fathering.  At the National Center for Fathering, it is our mission to help men like your husband become better dads.  Naturally, we’re very interested in learning what helps fathers the most.  So we came right out and asked a group of dedicated fathers:  “Who has most influenced you in your fathering?”  Some men said, “My own father.”   Others said, “My pastor.”  But one of the most popular answers was “My wife.”  As a wife, you have a vital influence on your husband’s fathering, probably more than you realize.  While men must take the full responsibility for their fathering, they cannot take the full credit when they’ve done well.  Beside Every Great Dad…stands a great wife.  This book shows you how to be the great wife of a great dad.


A Nooma DVD


By:  Rob Bell


We all get consumed with ourselves; sometimes we’re not even aware of it.  We learn from a young age that life is about winning and impressing.  We pick up that our worth and value come from how good, how smart, and how skilled we are.  So, we twist things in our favor, making us look like we have it all together.  Every day we have the choice to prop up these false ideas about ourselves or to let go of them.  Jesus invites these parts of us to die, the parts of us that tell us our wroth comes from the things we say and do.  Maybe it’s only when we let these things die, that we truly begin to live.  (Approx. 13 minute DVD)


 Human Sexuality

Sharing the Wonder of God’s Good Gift with Your Children

 By:  Karen and Ron Flowers


Do you wish you knew how to talk about sexuality as easily as you speak of sports or music?  Are you avoiding “the big talk,” hoping to educate your child about sexuality in better ways?  Are you concerned that too much information about sex will encourage sexual activity?  How can you help your teen make wise choices about sex and avoid STD’s and teen pregnancy?  Does your child have the skills to resist harmful peer and media pressure?  Here’s real help for teaching the facts of life, your family values and practical skills for Christian living!


Grace Notes

A Daily Devotional for Women by Women


By:  Ardis Dick Stenbakken


God’s grace notes . . . Just as fleeting grace notes add beauty to music, God’s enduring grace brings exquisite beauty to the melody of our lives.  Flowing throughout these testimonies from women all over the world is a sense of profound appreciation for these sweet undeserved gifts of mercy.  Listen quietly . . . you’ll recognize grace notes echoing in your own soul.  God’s grace notes . . . Offer hope – “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”  Ephesians 2:8, NIV.  Promise sympathy – “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”  Hebrews 4:16, NIV.  Provide strength – “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV.

The Perfect Gift

“God…Gave His One and Only Son”


By:  Lee Venden


Emmanuel, God with us, had real skin, bones, thoughts, sensations, and emotions.  He got hungry, He cried, He laughed, He slept, He prayed…He died.  He lived!  So what was it like to catch a glimpse of that Child promised to anguished humanity so many centuries before?  What was it like for the startled shepherds to hear the glorious news that the Messiah, the King of the Jews, had been born – only to discover a peasant infant in a feed box?  What was it like to watch that Man mingle among the masses in a world seething with sin?  Or for Mary to see her Son rejected by the people of Nazareth – the very people with whom He had spent 30 years of His life?  What was it like for the woman caught in adultery to look into His eyes and see unconditional love – the very opposite of what she saw in other men’s eyes?  How might it have felt to be God wrapped in human flesh – existing in the squalor of this ruined planet, experiencing intense human emotions, and literally feeling the weight of the world resting on His shoulders?  And what is it like to finally realize that God’s perfect gift was given to you?


Lemons to Lemonade

Finding God’s Plan for My Life


By:  Sylvia Matiko and Pat Moore


God comes looking for His children.  He calls them at the time they will listen.  Lemon’s to Lemonade is the story of one woman’s journey away from God.  It is also the story of God’s calling her back to Himself, patiently over the course of years.  But it’s more than just a story.  This is an upbeat motivational book for spiritual growth for all women.  Has your life gone sour?  God can take all the lemons you find in your experiences and make something good happen.  He can make lemonade!  Just as He had plans for Sylvia, He has plans for you that are uniquely your own – plans to give you a future and a hope of life eternal with Him.




Never Leave Your Partner


By:  Eric Wilson

       Based on the Screenplay by Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick


Inside burning buildings, Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighter’s adage:  NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER.  Yet at home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.  His wife Catherine always dreamed of marrying a loving, brave firefighter…just liker her father.  Now she wonders when she stopped being “good enough”. As they prepare for divorce, Caleb’s father challenges him to commit to a 40-day experiment: “The Love Dare”.  Surprised by what he discovers about the meaning of love, Caleb realizes his wife and marriage are worth fighting for.  Complete with action, humor and romance, this novel by Eric Wilson will have you laughing, inspired and challenged.

Heart Call


Find the Joy in Reconnecting


Project Manager:  Ginger Calkins

Editor:  Brenda Dickerson

Content Consultants:  Carla Baker, Kim Purvis, Barbara Hamilton, Barb Hemenway


Heart Call is a ministry by women for women who are taking a break from church.  If you know someone in your community that you have not seen in church for weeks, months, or years, then Heart Call may be a ministry for you.  Everyone knows someone they wish would come back to church.  The 5 minute video tells the story of a woman who just couldn’t come in the church door and how a Heart Call ministry reached her.  This kit will provide you with everything you need to be successful.  (This is a book and DVD set)



Secrets of a Happy Heart

A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the Mount


By:  Hyveth Williams


Hyveth Williams introduces us to the happiest people in the world: a society of the blessed who mold their lives by the Beatitudes.  In His famous mountaintop motivational speech, the world’s greatest psychologist, with the deepest understanding of human nature, reveals the secrets of human happiness.  Jesus offers not just rules and regulations but baskets of blessing in the form of timeless principles that bring freedom from the burdens of pride, pretense, and fear.  For all who delight in paradox; for all who need a spiritual pick-me-up-and kick-me-forward; for all whose spirit is burdened with the ennui of life or poisoned with the cyanide of guilt, loneliness, lust, or resentment, Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount promises blessing beyond belief. (Book)



Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Praying!

Everyone has two faces.  One we show the world. One we don’t want anyone to see.


By:  Mike Jones


Go beyond information to spiritual transformation!  Author Mike Jones knows the Seventh-day Adventist Church from the inside and out.  He was a popular Adventist pastor, writer, and former editor of Insight magazine.  He was serving in the ministerial department of his conference when he went through a divorce.  In response to his letter of resignation, his local church wasted no time in dropping his membership.  They didn’t tell him.  He found out about it from his son.  He had no major doctrinal differences with the church.  Mike didn’t go off the deep end.  He remained a Christian, but it was sixteen years before he returned to the Adventist Church.  One lesson he learned – “Whenever we are in crisis and everything appears hopeless, we can never be defeated as long as our faith in God endures…Never defeated!  Because by God’s grace, our lives are linked with the One who knows no defeat.” (Book)



If I Were the Devil

Seeing through the enemy’s smoke screen.  Contemporary challenges facing Adventism


By:  George R. Knight


In some parts of the world it seems the Seventh-day Adventist Church is in danger of settling down into a social club.  That is, unless it remembers its mission.  With growing secularization, disorientation, and institutionalism, how can the church maintain its identity?  How is the church to function, considering it was founded on the belief that time is short – yet time keeps going on?  George Knight tackles these and other tough questions.  This book is an insightful look at Adventism’s mission, structure, and contemporary challenges.  Not just for church administrators and academics – this is a call to duty to all church members, a call to become a church alive with passion and purpose. (Book)



A Thousand Shall Fall

The electrifying story of a soldier and his family who dared to practice their faith in Hitler’s Germany


By. Susi Hasel Mundy with Maylan Schurch


Franz Hasel, a 40-year-old pacifist, was drafted and assigned to Pioneer Company 699, Hitler’s elite troops who built bridges at the front lines.  His religious scruples did not endear him to his superiors.  Sarcastically dubbed “carrot eater” and “Bible reader,” he finally gained the respect of his unit.  Just before he was sent deep into Russia – where all but seven of his 1,200-man unit would die – he secretly discarded his gun, fearing that, as the company sharpshooter, he might be tempted to kill.  In Russia he faced a new problem: how to warn the local Jews before the SS got to them.  Meanwhile, back at home, Franz’s wife, Helene, and their four children were fighting their own battles.  Pressured to join the Nazi Party, she announced, “I belong to the party of Jesus Christ.”  Their chances of survival?  Dim.  Their only ally?  God.  In a few short years they lived several lifetimes of danger.  As thousands around them fell victim to the horrors of war, they were borne up on angels’ wings – sometimes quite literally.  This is the true, soul-soaring story of one desperate family who chose to be faithful whatever the cost, and found refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. (Book)



Though the Heavens Fall

Not Gulags, Not the KGB, Not Even Stalin Himself…


By:  Mikhail P. Kulakov, Sr. with Maylan Schurch


“What’s the matter?” he asked in a low voice.  “Have I done something wrong?”  She said nothing, but gazed intently at him, her eyes desperately trying to warn him.  Go on your break, Mikhail Kulakov.  Now!  GET OUT OF HERE!  Leave the building!  But he didn’t understand.  Suspecting nothing, he walked straight into the TRAP.  FAITH – SOLID, UNYIELDING FAITH – was all that young Mikhail Kulakov possessed.  The Communist Soviet government had taken away his job, his family, and his freedom.  His crime?  Faithful service to God, or, in the words of the KGB, “anti-Soviet activities.”  He was imprisoned, interrogated, and then sentenced to five years in a corrective labor camp, where he endured bitter hardships designed to stifle the spirit and break the will.  But even the prospect of eternal banishment to a remote village in western Siberia could not deter him from his steady reliance upon God’s promises…Though the Heavens Fall. (Book)



What About...?

Q & A with Young People about God and Life


By:  Steve Case


Young people have questions.  Insight magazine provides a column each week called “On the Case” with Pastor Steve Case.  Here’s a collection of four years of questions from youth, with answers from a veteran youth pastor.  It provides a great resource for young people as well as for those who minister to them – parents, youth leaders, pastors, and other interested adults.  This can be intimidating, for young people as well as for adults.  Young people don’t necessarily want to appear to be stupid or rebellious.  Sometimes they need a forum to discuss their issues and take them for a test run.  Adults aren’t always sure about their answers and may be wrestling with the same questions, too. (Book)



I Want It All

Teen Devotional


By:  Jennifer Jill Schwirzer


When it comes to beauty, romance, popularity, security, money, equality, family, significance, self-worth, and truth, wouldn’t you like to move into Have City?  In this unique teen devotional Jennifer Schwirzer paints a provocative picture of some famous Have City citizens – and some important denizens of Have-not Villa (to keep you from repeating their mistakes).  Each thematic section starts with a Bible story, told by some little-known Bible character in a way you’ve never heard before.  Then, just in case you miss the point, the author adds a contemporary story or quirky parable to nail it down.  Is that all?  Of course not!  Each section includes lists of relevant things to discuss and things to do, and, for dessert, a different contemporary teen reacts to the theme question.  Each story will deepen your values, until you discover that what God wants for you looks so much better than what you used to want for yourself.  In the end, you really can have it all – if you go God’s way.  What a great deal! (Book)



The Moose The Goose and the Kingdom of God

Teen Devotional


By:  Gary B. Swanson


Like animals?  You’ll love this book.  Don’t like poetry?  Tough!  Poetry, schmoetry.  But these parables are happening yarns.  And you thought you understood the kingdom!  Well, get a clue.  Gary Swanson invites you to join the chickadees in their emancipation from techniformity, and takes you on a trip to the spiritual orthodontist.  You’ll meet Gus, the gosling, who almost got his goose cooked; Leif, the maple sapling, who aspired to be king of the forest; Mean Mildred, the pregnant moose that took over the barn; and Cedric the Cessna, who finally learned to fly straight.  What’s more, you’ll enjoy a daily deluge of clever questions that will swell your mind, along with lots of fancy new ideas for refurbishing the kingdom of God all around you. (Book)



Challenges to the Remnant

Adventists, Catholics, and the “True Church


By:  Marvin Moore


Is there only one true church?  On July 10, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI reasserted the absolute authority of the Roman Catholic Church when he approved a document stating that Protestant churches were not “true churches” and therefore did not have the “means of salvation.”  Not surprisingly, this created a stir among other Christians including Seventh-day Adventists.  In Challenges to the Remnant, Moore responds to these statements.  He traces God’s true remnant throughout history as they are faced with three major challenges: persecution, deception, and the acceptance and fulfillment of the special mission God has for them.  As we near the end of earth’s history, God has given the Seventh-day Adventist Church a special message for the end times.  We must share it.  But we will need to know more than a list of proof texts.  Above all else, our mission is to know Jesus personally and then to lift Him up before others as the Savior of the world.  So who makes up the “true church”?  You may be surprised at Moore’s answer! (Book)



Four Gospels.  One Story.  Savior

A fresh look at Jesus Christ, His Ministry, and His teachings


By:  Jack J. Blanco


This is the story of Jesus, the Messiah, God’s beloved Son.  With this simple introduction the story unfolds.  But not as you’ve ever read it before.  Written in modern language without the disjointed interruption of chapter or verse, this fresh, unified narrative merges the four Gospel accounts into one.  No long genealogical lists.  No confusing, archaic words.  Just the timeless, captivating story of Jesus, our Savior. (Book)



Help!  I Want My Church to Grow

31 myth-busting ideas to make your church the place to be


By:  David Ripley


In Help! I Want My Church to Grow, Pastor David Ripley exposes the 31 most widespread misconceptions that keep churches from growing into vibrant communities.  Drawing from more than 20 hears of pastoral experience, Ripley identifies pitfalls and offers principles that will attract people to your church.  Each section of the book includes discussion questions, making it invaluable for small group studies or leadership meetings.  A must-read for church members and leaders, this book will introduce you to myth-busting ideas that will expand God’s kingdom right in your very own church. (Book)



Help!  I’m Being Followed

What to Do When You’ve Been Called to Lead


By:  Clinton A. Valley


What would happen if Christian leaders decided that “good enough” is no longer good enough?  What if they stepped out of the comfort zone, stood for right, and strived for excellence?  What if they were fearlessly committed to following God’s lead and trusting the future to Him?  In this book Clinton A. Valley casts just such a vision for Christian leaders.  Drawing from years of experience, Valley offers insight about the true purpose of leadership and the profile of an effective leader.  The practical and inspiring principles he shares will help you develop the vision, skills, and focus you need to lead effectively.  Help! I’m Being Followed addresses how to make positive changes, deal with conflict, handle criticism, and plan for relevance and progress.  Page after page you will find priceless knowledge and the growing confidence that the God who called you to lead will qualify, guide, and sustain you. (Book)



Hooked on Unhappiness

Breaking the cycle of discontent


By:  Carol Cannon


Are you a certifiable negaholic?  If so, this book could change your life.  Author Carol Cannon once caught herself thinking that God had singled her out to carry a heavier-than-average burden because He knew she could handle it!  When she finally woke up and smelled her superior attitude, she was mortified.  Workaholism, caretaking, and control had become a self-perpetuating cycle.  By the age of forty-five she was, in her own words, “toast – burned out from overwork and overworry.”  She knew she needed to change, but she couldn’t.  She was a certified alcohol and drug counselor by then, but she didn’t recognize her own behavior as addictive.  She had a martyr monkey on her back.  Actually, it was a giant gorilla – King Kong with a shave.  That was twenty years ago.  The physician-cure-thyself method didn’t work.  Attempting to ratchet up her faith to impress the Almighty and praying harder didn’t work either.  Nor did reading every self-help book on the market.  The more she tried to control her behavior the more she lost control.  Negaholism undermined her character, sabotaged valued relationships, and subverted her spirituality.  She had to admit defeat.  She didn’t realize it then, but that was the first step in her recovery. (Book)

Whom Shall I Fear


Will Mara’s new faith remain strong despite the ravages of war and her family’s unbelief?


By:  Ann Vitorovich


How do you pick up the shattered pieces and move on, when your life is being torn apart?  Is there something, or Someone, you can really believe in, and depend on, to get you through?  For Mara, life was a literal war zone.  Her true story takes us back in time to battle-scarred Serbia in World War I.  Violence ripped apart Mara’s family…and her heart.  When peace comes at last, Mara seeks a new beginning, but a passing remark stirs up a new conflict – this time, in Mara’s conscience.  Mara determines to seek the answers in the Book she reveres as sacred, but had never opened and read for herself.  Whom Shall I Fear is a powerful book that will bring you courage and help you not just survive, but find hope and victory in the battles of life. (Book)



Wounded Healer

The Tom Sanford Story – From a childhood of abuse to a ministry of healing


By:  Tom Sanford with Kay D. Rizzo


Tom Sanford’s life growing up under the abusive hand of a father who used rage to manipulate and control others was anything but idyllic.  His red eyes and swollen lips from beatings at home earned him cruel nicknames at school.  But the physical bruises on his body were no match for the wounds to his spirit.  How this inwardly wounded boy grew up to become a healer of thousands of like-wounded boys and girls through the ministry of Project PATCH is the stuff of miracles.  And this book tells the story.  Long after you close the covers of this book, the stories of young lives changed on the “miracle ranch” known as PATCH will remain in your heart forever. (Book)



The Pilgrim’s Progress

Christian Fiction Classics


By:  John Bunyan


“As I slept, I dreamed a dream.”  So begins one of the most translated, printed, and read books in all of history.  John Bunyan’s classic allegory, The Pilgrim’s Progress, has entranced readers for more than three hundred years.  Follow the simple, earnest story of Christian, the Pilgrim, as he makes his way to Celestial City.  Along the way you’ll meet some of the most memorable characters in literature – Evangelist, Charity, Hypocrisy, Goodwill, Obstinate, Mr. Worldly Wiseman, and more.  Each one offers a unique insight into the Christian life – its joys and trials, its opportunities and struggles.  You’ll find The Pilgrim’s Progress to be one of the most challenging and entertaining books you’ve ever read. (Book)



Ellen White’s World

A fascinating look at the times in which she lived.


By:  George R. Knight

Ellen White’s writings are important, but they are only part of the story.  The other part is the social and intellectual context in which she wrote.  What was her world like?  What problems did it face?  What ideas were in vogue?  What religious movements did she interact with?  How did her ideas relate to the sentiments of other reformers of her day?  These and other questions stand at the heart of George R. Knight’s third volume in his series on Ellen White.  The first section of this helpful volume concisely presents the world of Ellen White prior to the American Civil War, while the second section examines her world after that climactic event.  An understanding of those two very distinct contexts is essential for the fullest understanding of Ellen White’s counsel to the church. (Book)



Why Our Teenagers Leave The Church

Personal Stories From a 10-year Study


By:  Roger L. Dudley


Between 40 and 50 percent of Adventist youth leave the church in their 20s.  Why?  How can we keep them?  How can we win them back?  This book is the culmination of a magnificent obsession.  For more than 10 years Roger Dudley traced the lives of 1,500 teenagers as they grew up and, often, grew disillusioned.  Refusing to let them leave in peace, Dudley bombarded them with questionnaires.  May of them answered.  This is their story.  If you want to know what the youth of your church are not telling you, read this book.  It includes the responses of a group of kids who were asked to design the ideal church, and an appendix explaining the causes of “adolescent heresy,” the conflict spawned by the teenage struggle for autonomy. (Book)



Grace Notes

52 Short Reflections From Searching for the God of Grace


By:  Stuart Tyner


A glorious treasure…Grace Notes features short, choice quotations from Pastor Stuart Tyner’s book Searching for the God of Grace and pairs them with a corresponding gem from Ellen White.  The result is 52 weekly readings that will invigorate your spiritual experience and cause the treasure of God’s grace to appear in a fresh, new light. (Book)



Seasoned With Laughter

A Tossed Salad of Tales about Parsonage Pandemonium and Ministerial Mayhem


By:  Sharon M. Cress


Sharon M. Cress has served the Seventh-day Adventist church as a Bible instructor, associate evangelist, seminar leader and pastor before accepting her current assignment as Associate Secretary of the Ministerial Association for ministry to pastoral spouses and families (Shepherdess International).  Despite her varied job descriptions, Sharon would quickly note that her greatest challenge is being “the pastor’s wife!”  This book is a compilation of humorous things that have happened to pastors and their wives over the years.  Enjoy! (Book)



Reading Ellen White

How to understand and apply her writings


By:  George R. Knight


Ellen White wrote in the late 1860s to a church member that “eggs should not be placed on your table.  They are an injury to your children” (Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 400).  Then in 1901 she told another member to “get eggs of healthy fowls.  Use these eggs cooked or raw.  Drop them uncooked into the best unfermented wine you can find” (Counsels on Diet and Foods, p. 204).  How do you reconcile such seemingly opposite statements from the same inspired author?  Which one was inspired?  Or were both?  How do we interpret them – and everything else that Ellen White wrote?  George R. Knight sets forth in a clear, simple manner the principles that will help every reader to interpret and apply her counsel to his or her life. (Book)



Walking With Ellen White

Her everyday life as a wife, mother, and friend


By:  George R. Knight


Ellen White was a real person who lived in the real world.  Too many perceive her as some kind of “vegetarian virgin Mary.”  You will be surprised to find that her life was so much like ours.  Do you have marriage problems?  So did she.  Do you have a wayward child?  So did she.  Do you enjoy a good laugh?  So did she.  Do you struggle in your Christian walk?  So did she.  Walking With Ellen White puts flesh and a face on a person that too many people have seen only as a writer.  Join George R. Knight in a journey through the major aspects of her life. (Book)



When Death Isn’t Fair

Coping With Overwhelming Grief


By:  Joy Swift


Four of her five children were murdered in a single night.  Then her oldest child, Stephanie, 17, died of cancer.  The World Trade Center catastrophe only reawakened her enormous sorrow.  Those who lose loved ones, and those who comfort them, need a guide through the storm.  Joy Swift has plumbed the depths of grief, and gone the distance.  By revealing more of her incredible story, she charts the path of healing for broken hearts.  Born out of suffering, this book will encourage the comforter and empower the bereaved as they walk through the valley of the shadow and back into the light. (Book)



I Used To Be Perfect

A Study of Sin and Salvation


By:  George R. Knight


What does it mean to sin?  What is temptation?  What is the law?  What does it mean to “be saved”?  What does it mean to “be perfect”?  Writing in a highly engaging style, George Knight recalls his own early struggles with legalism in order to examine some of the most basic questions about salvation.  Too many, in their striving for perfection, work at the level of sins and laws rather than letting God work in them at the level of SIN and LAW.  Unfortunately, all the rules and regulations without the love of Jesus make for mighty dreary religion – or worse yet, destructive religion. (Book)



Take the Risk

Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk


By:  Ben Carson, M.D. with Gregg Lewis


No Risk, Pay the Cost.  Know Risk, Reap the Rewards.  In our risk-avoidance culture, we place a high premium on safety.  We insure our vacations.  We check crash tests on cars.  We extend the warranties on our appliances.  But by insulating ourselves from the unknown – the risks of life – we miss the great adventure of living our lives to their full potential.  Now, offering inspiring personal examples, Dr. Carson invites us to embrace risk in our own lives.  From a man whose life dramatically portrays the connection between great risks and greater successes, here are insights that will help you dispel your fear of risk so you can dream big, aim high, move with confidence, and reap rewards you’ve never imagined. (Book)




Satisfying the Longing of Your Soul


By:  Jon L. Dybdahl


There’s a hunger within us.  A longing for something more – something we can’t quite describe.  Something has been missing.  This is it…It is an approach to life and religion that may take you by surprise.  But as you embrace it, you’ll feel a sense of coming home, the confidence that this is how it was meant to be.  It is an invitation to return to the original definition of the Christian religion.  It is a call to live a life of communion with God.  Hunger reveals how you can truly encounter God and have a close relationship with Him.  You’ll discover the joy and fulfillment of such spiritual practices as simplicity, solitude, worship, community, and fasting.  With fresh insight and practical guidance Jon L. Dybdahl leads you on a journey that will satisfy the longing of your soul. (Book)



Miracles, Faith, and Unanswered Prayer

Is Your Faith Built On A Miracle-Dispensing God?


By:  Richard Jensen


We have all heard incredible miracle stories.  We’ve been awed by the thought that God personally intervenes in the face of dire circumstances.  We’ve experienced the rush of gratitude that comes in this assurance that God really does exist.  And we have all questioned why God chooses to help some people but not others.  Does God play favorites?  Doesn’t He care about me?  How can we have the genuine faith of Jacob, who wrestled all night with the God of the universe and refused to let go without a blessing?  Or of Jesus, who pleaded with His Father for an alternative way to save humanity, but who willingly surrendered to His Father’s will?  In these pages you will find the answers to these thorny questions and come to a full realization of the immense power of God in your life. (Book)


Finding Freedom from the Shame of the Past
Are you imprisoned by your past?


By:  Mike Fehlauer

One thing is true about each and every one of us who walk upon this earth – we all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23).  But what do you do when the sins you have committed continue to haunt you – even after you have asked for the Lord’s forgiveness?  In this much needed book, author Mike Fehlauer challenges you to embrace the grace of God in your life.  He outlines simple yet powerful steps you can take in order to release that shameful sin over to the Lord.  Through the grace of God, consistency, patience, and time, you can release the dynamic of God – who enables you to walk step by step to victory. (Book)

Sex and the Soul of a Woman
The reality of love & Romance in an Age of Casual Sex

By:  Paula Rinehart

Deep in her heart, every woman longs for a man to see her beauty and cherish it.  We long to be pursued and courted, and to make love to someone who truly loves us for keeps.  Yet today, “healthy and normal” implies giving ourselves sexually with no expectation of depth, intimacy, or commitment.  Compassionate counselor Paula Rinehart understands the high price a woman pays in loosening her sexual boundaries and the unique role sex plays in forging a bond meant to last a lifetime.  She shows you how to break free from the bondage of misused sexuality and how to create a whole new start with men. (Book)

Four Portraits, One Jesus
n Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels

By:  Mark L. Strauss

To Christians worldwide, the man Jesus of Nazareth is the centerpiece of history, the object of faith, hope, and worship.  Even those who do not follow Him admit the vast influence of His life.  For anyone interested in knowing more about Jesus, study of the four biblical Gospels is essential.  With clarity and insight, Mark Strauss, illuminates these four books.  He then moves on to closer study of each narrative and its contribution to our understanding of Jesus.  Finally, he pulls it all together with a detailed examination of what the Gospels teach about Jesus’ ministry, message, death and resurrection, with excursions into the quest for the historical Jesus and the historical reliability of the Gospels. (Book)



The Way Out


By:  Neil Nedley, M.D.


A Life Saving Plan.  Depression is reversible.  It does not have to be tolerated as a life-long condition.  There is a reason for hope, there is a path to recovery – and this book can help you find that road to renewal and wellness.  This book helps you identify the specific causes for your condition and gives you a host of new tools to aid you on your road to recovery. (Book)



QuickStart to the Books of the Bible

A Reference for Bright, Busy People


By:  Greg Brothers


The Bible made simple.  Ever start reading the Bible and get bogged down in names you couldn’t pronounce, symbols that didn’t make sense, and Elizabethan language you couldn’t understand?  Join the club.  Many want to know God’s Word better, but nothing seems to work for them.  Reading the Bible can be like planning a vacation.  QuickStart to the Books of the Bible is your “travel agent” to God’s Word.  It’s not an elaborate, step-by-step guide to everything that everyone wants to know about the Bible, but it does break this sometimes intimidating collection of books into bite-sized pieces, making it easy to understand and apply to your daily life. (Book)



God is Crazy About You!

More Miracles from the Streets


By:  Cheri Peters


If you read Cheri’s first book – Miracle From the Streets – you know that her growing-up years weren’t very pretty.  Abused and unloved as a child, she was thrown onto the streets at age 13 to fend for herself.  Then came the miracle.  Heaven invaded her hell.  She found out she was loved, just as she was, by God.  This book tells just a few of the many true and miraculous stories of people-at-risk whose lives have been utterly transformed by God’s unconditional love and acceptance.  No one is beyond the reach of God’s awesome love.  Never forget that God is crazy about you! (Book)



Easy Obedience – 1 Discipline

Teaching Children Self-Discipline with Love


By:  Kay Kuzma, Ed. D.


Is obedience ever really easy?  Some might argue that it’s impossible!  But I disagree.  Parenting will always have its challenges; but with a foundation of understanding and love, and a willingness to meet your child’s basic needs, you can apply the techniques in Easy Obedience and experience the pleasure of rearing a child who is generally willing to obey.  This book is really about the importance of self-discipline.  Many parents think that making children obey is what parenting is all about.  Instead, our job should be to encourage children to become self-disciplined. (Book)



A Hug and a Kiss and a Kick in the Pants

Video Seminars Presented by Kay Kuzma with Dick Duerksen


By:  Kay Kuzma with Dick Duerksen


Discover disciplinary strategies that work!  These thirteen 30-minute sessions teach creative approaches to preventing disciplinary problems.  With a refreshingly positive and compassionate view of children, Kay Kuzma shares stories of parents who have discovered disciplinary strategies that work.  Every story has useful, ready-to-use and easy to remember tips.  This collection is a great guide for parents, offering new insight, enthusiasm and creativity for raising responsible, loving children in today’s world. (DVD Set)



Creating Love

Principles That Can Revolutionize Your Relationships and Turn Obnoxious People Into Lovable Ones


By:  Kay Kuzma


“I don’t mind the holidays – it’s the relatives I can’t stand.”  “My job wouldn’t be so bad it if weren’t for all the people.”  Do you ever wonder if it’s really possible to “love one another” or “love your neighbor as yourself”?  Do you feel guilty as a Christian because you don’t love everyone?  Creating Love contains principles you’ve been looking for.  It goes beyond getting along with your spouse.  Creating Love offers help for relationships of all kinds.  Allow the principles of Creating Love to make a permanent difference in your life. (Book)



Blessings at Midnight

A True Story of Hope When Things Seemed Hopeless


By:  Kay Kuzma


“This can’t be happening to me.”  That’s what Kay thought when, in a matter of seconds, her comfortable world was changed forever.  One moment she and her husband, Jan, were sharing a pleasant dinner and the next he was crumbling in a heap on a kitchen chair.  Kay tells the moving story of Jan’s fight to recover his vital functions and cherished memories stolen by a devastating stroke.  Even during the darkest hour of their tragedy, Kay struggled to find a way to go on.  Together, she and Jan learned to fight for life through the winning combination of prayer, love, and hope. (Book)

Gift-Wrapped by God

Secret Answers to the Question “Why Wait?”


By:  Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus


For every woman who wants to protect her sexual purity – or reclaim it.  Did you know that you and your purity are a gift?  It’s true.  God gift-wrapped you from birth so that you could one day present the gift of your body to your husband.  And no matter how that gift has been treated in the past, you can lovingly present it to your future mate with confidence and a clear conscience.  Inside this book you’ll find not only compelling emotional and spiritual reasons for choosing God’s path of sexual purity, but practical wisdom to help you follow it. (Book)




Sex and the Soul of a Woman

The reality of love & Romance in an Age of Casual Sex


By:  Paula Rinehart


Deep in her heart, every woman longs for a man to see her beauty and cherish it.  We long to be pursued and courted, and to make love to someone who truly loves us for keeps.  Yet today, “healthy and normal” implies giving ourselves sexually with no expectation of depth, intimacy, or commitment.  Compassionate counselor Paula Rinehart understands the high price a woman pays in loosening her sexual boundaries and the unique role sex plays in forging a bond meant to last a lifetime.  She shows you ho to break free from the bondage of misused sexuality and how to create a whole new start with men. (Book)



Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry

Why women lose when the give in


By:  Lisa Bevere


Women are admitting promiscuity isn’t really getting them what they wanted after all – because as women we always stand to lose so much more than men when we give in.  Men love adventure and intrigue while women crave intimacy, romance, and passion.  We were created for so much more than a sexual outlet for men, and as women, we want and deserve more than just sexual release for ourselves.  It is time to restore dignity, honor, strength, – and yes, even power – to generations of women, young and old, who are no longer willing to lose. (Book)