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What are Women's Ministries?

North American Division Women's Ministries

1. Spirituality

Every woman in the North American Division experiencing a radical, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ

2. "A Ministry for Every Woman"

Every woman in the Church being involved in some kind of ministry  (service)
3. Leadership Training for Women
  • The Passionate Leader (unions partnering with NAD Women's Ministries for training events)
  • GC Women's Ministries Leadership Certification, Levels 1,2,3
(Note: Level 3 Women's Leadership Certification major components will be presented at Broken Arrow Ranch, April 27-29, 2011.

4. "Tell Your World"
  • Mission projects in your community, conference, or union
  • Evangelism in North America by women
  • Being intentional about inviting women from the community and non-attending members to all your women's ministries activities
  • Involvement in your community
5. Abuse: Prevention, Education, and Healing

(Note: "Breaking the Silence" Abuse Pamphlets were sent to all KS/NE Churches. Does your church have the pamphlets displayed in the restroom stalls?)

6. Reclaiming Women ( and therefore families) who have stopped attending church

(Note: Heart Call is a wonderful program churches can use to help reclaim former members. If you'd like more information about Heart Call return to our WM Home Page and click on Great Ideas for Women's Ministries

7. Mentoring and involving young women, girls, and teens

8. Promoting Women's Ministries and Women of Spirit magazine at all retreats and convocations, as well as on the local church level